Estate Gift Burnishes Legacy of Women’s Athletics Pioneer

Ada “Tish” Loveless has added to her enduring legacy as the founder of women’s athletics at Kalamazoo College.

A year after her death, a gift Loveless made to Kalamazoo College through her estate plan will fund a new endowed scholarship in the name of Marilyn Hinkle ’44, her lifelong friend who died in 2007. The scholarship will go to women studying visual arts or music – passions of Hinkle, who in addition to being an alumna was a member of K’s staff for more than 30 years.

Legacy Tish Loveless at a tennis court
A year after her death, a gift Tish Loveless made to K through her estate plan will fund a new endowed scholarship in Marilyn Hinkle’s name.

The planned gift also more than doubles the size of the existing Tish Loveless Women’s Athletic Endowment, which began with a 2007 gift from one of Loveless’ former students, Elaine Hutchcroft ’63. It supports the day-to-day operations of the College’s nine women’s athletics teams.

Loveless, who died in November 2016, served as director of women’s athletics from 1953 until she retired in 1986. Before her arrival, there were no women’s intercollegiate athletic teams at Kalamazoo College. During her tenure, she established women’s varsity teams in tennis, field hockey, archery, swimming, basketball, volleyball, soccer and cross country, as well as a number of intramurals, sometimes mastering the details of unfamiliar sports in order to provide her students with the opportunities they requested.

She was the most successful coach of women’s teams in the history of the Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association, the oldest athletic conference in the country. Her teams won 28 league championships: 23 in tennis, four in archery and one in field hockey. Her 1986 women’s tennis squad finished third in the nation.

In 1992, Kalamazoo College inducted her into its Athletic Hall of Fame and, in 2015, dedicated the Tish Loveless Court at the Anderson Athletic Center to honor her legacy.

President Jorge G. Gonzalez said Loveless’ gift emphasizes her already hallowed place in the history of the College, and demonstrates how a planned memorial can extend that recognition to the people and things the donor most cherishes.

“Tish led the way for women at Kalamazoo College to become full participants in the athletic program, and her name will be forever remembered through the endowment that supports those teams,” he said. “Now, through her planned gift, she has also ensured that her dear friend will be remembered, as well. Generations from now, K will know, and appreciate, the legacy of Marilyn Hinkle as well as of Tish.”

For more information about how to make a gift to Kalamazoo College in your estate, please contact Senior Associate Director of Planned Giving Matthew J. Brosco at or 269-337-7288.


College Celebrates Honors Day

Kalamazoo College Family Weekend served as the backdrop for the College’s annual Honors Day convocation. More than 250 students were recognized Friday, Oct. 27, for excellence in academics and leadership in six divisions: Fine Arts, Foreign Languages, Humanities, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Social Sciences and Physical Education. Recipients of prestigious scholarships were recognized, as were members of national honor societies and students who received special Kalamazoo College awards. Student athletes and teams who won Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association awards also were honored. The students receiving Honors Day awards or recognition are listed below.

Honors Day
The Honors Day Convocation, conducted Oct. 27 at Stetson Chapel, celebrated the achievements of more than 250 Kalamazoo College students.


The Brian Gougeon Prize in Art
Hannah Rainaldi

The Margaret Upton Prize in Music
Joshua Gibson
Jenna Sherman

Cooper Award
Kate Kreiss

Sherwood Prize
Cody Colvin

Theatre Arts First-Year Student Award
Sophia Hill
Alysia Homminga


LeGrand Copley Prize in French
Valentina Cordero
Ravi Nair

Hardy Fuchs Award
Matthew Flotemersch

Margo Light Award
Annarosa Whitman

Romance Languages Department Prize in Spanish
Joshua Gibson
Kevin McCarty

Clara H. Buckley Prize for Excellence in Latin
Mara Hazen

Provost’s Prize in Classics
Clayton Meldrum


O.M. Allen Prize in English
Paige Coffing

John B. Wickstrom Prize in History
Riya Bhuyan

Department of Philosophy Prize
Lee Carter
Emiline Chipman

L.J. and Eva (“Gibbie”) Hemmes Memorial Prize in Philosophy
Rosella LoChirco


Winifred Peake Jones Prize in Biology
Brigette Berke
Amelia Davis
Dominic Gonzalez

Department of Chemistry Prize
Kevin McCarty

First-Year Chemistry Award
Kristen Amyx-Sherer
Alyssa Heitkamp

Lemuel F. Smith Award
Maria Fujii

Computer Science Prize
Fabien Debies
Zoe Larson
Danielle Sarafian

First-Year Mathematics Award
Michael Orwin
William Tait

Thomas O. Walton Prize in Mathematics
Allegra Allgeier

Cooper Prize in Physics
Benjamin Behrens
Valentina Harding
Alexis Periman
Justin Seablom
Ethan Tucker


Departmental Prize in Anthropology and Sociology
Paige Chung
Shadaijah Grandberry-Payton
Aliyah Jamaluddin
Elizabeth Munoz
Emiliana Renuart

C. Wallace Lawrence Prize in Economics
Andrew Parsons
Evelyn Wagner

C. Wallace Lawrence Prize in Business
Jessica Penny
Scott Roberts
Garrett Swanson

Irene and S. Kyle Morris Prize
Zachary Ray

William G. Howard Memorial Prize
Sarah Gerendasy

Department of Psychology First-Year Student Prize
Shannon Carley


Division of Physical Education Prize
Laura Hanselman
Daniel Henry

Maggie Wardle Prize
Elizabeth Munoz


Gordon Beaumont Memorial Award
Cydney Martell
Rumsha Sajid
Cindy Xiao

Henry and Inez Brown Prize
Alexandrea Ambs
Emily Good
David Vanderkloot

Virginia Hinkelman Memorial Award
Sarafina Milianti
Sep’tisha Riley

Heyl Scholars – Class of 2020
Andrew Backer
Matthew Giguere
Josephine Hosner
Danielle Janowicz
Samuel Meyer
Hannah Pittman
Stephanie Rauhoff
Subi Thakali
Dustin Tibbetts

Posse Scholars – Class of 2020
Alejandro Aguirre
Alexandro Cruz
Kahira Embry
Moses Gonzalez
Denise Jackson
Trevor Loduem-Jackson
Daniel Mota-Villegas
Angela Pastor
Enrique Robles
Gabrielle Walton Schwartz

National Merit Scholar – Class of 2020
Ehren White

Voynovich Scholars
Elise Houcek
Susmitha Narisetty

Alpha Lambda Delta – Class of 2019
Alpha Lambda Delta is a national honor society that recognizes excellence in academic achievement during the first college year. To be eligible for membership, students must earn a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5 and be in the top 20 percent of their class during the first year.

Logan Beck
Benjamin Behrens
Brigette Berke
Riya Bhuyan
Shannon Carley
Iffat Chowdhury
Valentina Cordero
Austin Cramer
Adelaine Dancer
Matthew Flotemersch
Amanda Gardner
Joshua Gibson
Dominic Gonzalez
Martin Hansknecht
Sophia Hill
Kento Hirakawa
Alysia Homminga
Maria Katrantzi
Zoe Larson
Samuel Maddox
Kathryn Martin
Kevin McCarty
Tamara Morrison
Elizabeth Munoz
Cayla Patterson
Alexis Periman
Victorialyn Regan
Danna Robles-Garcia
Orly Rubinfeld
Danielle Sarafian
Jenna Sherman
Simran Singh
Grant Stille
Sarah Whitfield


Performing Arts: Music
Madeleine Armstrong
Zachary Colburn
Adam Decker
Jennalise Ellis
Stanton Greenstone
Audrey Honig
Isabel McLaughlin
Katherine Miller-Purrenhage
Natalie Minzey
Julia Riddle
Margaret Roethler


The following Hornet teams earned the 2015-2016 MIAA Team GPA Award. Team members achieved a 3.3 or better grade point average for the entire academic year.

Men’s Baseball
Men’s Cross Country
Men’s Golf
Men’s Soccer
Men’s Swim & Dive
Men’s Tennis
Women’s Basketball
Women’s Golf
Women’s Lacrosse
Women’s Soccer
Women’s Softball
Women’s Swim & Dive
Women’s Tennis
Women’s Volleyball


The MIAA each year honors students at member colleges who achieve distinction in the classroom and in athletic competition. Students need to be a letter winners in a varsity sport and maintain at minimum 3.5 grade point average for the entire school year.

Cheyenne Allyn-White
Alexandrea Ambs
Georgie Andrews
Ryan Andrusz
Hunter Angileri
Alberto Ayala
Sonal Bahl
Chase Baysdell
Matthew Benedettini
Jacob Bonifacio
Kennedy Boulton
Riley Boyd
Andrew Bremer
Allie Brodsky
Molly Brueger
Ian Bunker
Matthew Burczyk
Alexander Cadigan
Charles Carson
Madeleine Chilcote
Jack Clark
Elizabeth Clevenger
Anthony Convertino
Austin Cramer
Anna Dairaghi
Christina Dandar
Elan Dantus
Roger Darling
Sabrina Dass
Steven Davis
Eric De Witt
Dana DeVito
Mikayla Doepker
Guillermo Dominguez-Garcia
Nathan Donovan
Erin DuRoss
Tristyn Edsall
Emma Eisenbeis
Michael Faust
Anders Finholt
John Fowler
Christopher Francis
Maria Franco
Brett Garwood
Cory Gensterblum
Joseph Giacalone
Jacob Gilhaus
Anthony Giovanni
Rachel Girard
Beau Godkin
Emily Good
Monica Gorgas
Mya Gough
Andre Grayson
Garrett Guthrie
Alyssa Heitkamp
Daniel Henry
Kaiya Herman-Hilker
Kyle Hernandez
Mathew Holmes-Hackerd
Allia Howard
Nicole Huff
Briana Huisken
Claire Jensen
Katherine Johnson
Marylou Johnson
Claire Kalina
Maria Katrantzi
Greg Kearns
Samuel Kepes
Benjamin Kileen
Dahwi Kim
William Kirchen
Ian Kobernick
Emily Kozal
Matthew Krinock
Stefan Leclerc
Rosella LoChirco
Nicholas Ludka
Cydney Martell
Eliza McCall
Katherine McKibbon
Branden Metzler
Joshua Miller
Suzanne Miller
Madison Moote
Zachary Morales
Elizabeth Munoz
Dylan Padget
James Paprocki
Cayla Patterson
John Patton
Bradley Popiel
Nicole Prentice
Zachary Prystash
Erin Radermacher
Zachary Ray
Phillip Ritchie
Scott Roberts
Justin Roop
Matthew Ryder
Paige Sambor
Aaron Schwark
Jacob Scott
Justin Seablom
Anorah Seita
Sharif Shaker
Chase Shelbourne
Alec Sherrill
Gabrielle Shimko
Grace Smith
Adam Snider
Kathleen Sorensen
Sydney Spring
Vethania Stavropoulos
Grant Stille
Shelby Suseland
Matthew Suter
Jacob Sypniewski
Jack Tagget
William Tait
Emma Tardiff
Benjamin Toledo
Alyana Tomlinson
Zachary Tornow
Matt Turton
Eva Ugelow
Madison Vallan
Kaela Van Til
Joshua Vance
David Vanderkloot
Zachary VanFaussien
Mitchell VanKoevering
Travis Veenhuis
John Vinson
Sidney Wall
Jacob Wasko
John Wehr
Alex White
Madeline Woods
Brent Yelton
Julie Zabik
Matthew Zhiss

3 with K Connections Compete in ArtPrize

If you visit ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, be sure to check out three entries from artists with Kalamazoo College connections. Help Desk Administrator Russell Cooper ’89, Web Services Director Carolyn Zinn ’82 and Visiting Assistant Professor of Art Firth MacMillan all are participating.

Russell Cooper ArtPrize 2017 Entry
Russell Cooper is competing in ArtPrize for the sixth time. His art shows a black-and-white image of his daughter holding an oval frame at a playground. That frame is reflecting a color image of Violette on a swing.

Cooper is competing for a sixth time at ArtPrize, the event touted by organizers as the world’s most-attended public art event. His two-dimensional work again features his daughter, Violette, although the end result reflects inspirations from photographers and artists who create optical illusions, and the Persian Poet Rumi, who said: “There is a life-force within your soul, seek that life. There is a gem in the mountain of your body, seek that mine. O traveler, if you are in search of that, don’t look outside, look inside yourself and seek that.”

Cooper’s art shows a black-and-white image of his daughter holding an oval frame at a playground. That frame is reflecting a color image of Violette on a swing. The final product is on display at PaLatte Coffee and Art, 150 Fulton St. E.

Zinn is entering ArtPrize for the first time. Her quilt – which is an image of her daughter, Kirsten, that uses 480 hexagons and 60 commercial fabric prints – was designed through a technique called English paper piecing. She said the technique involves wrapping paper shapes in fabric and then stitching the fabric by hand with a thread and needle. The paper is removed before the quilt layers are stacked and topstitched.

Carolyn Zinn ArtPrize
Carolyn Zinn’s quilt is an image of her daughter, Kirsten, that uses 480 hexagons and 60 commercial fabric prints.

Zinn added she has been sewing her entire life, although she became fascinated with geometry and the color of traditional Amish quilts when she was a teenager. She made a quilt for the first time when she was a student at K and living in DeWaters Hall. In recent years, Zinn has become involved in art quilting, focusing on original design and nontraditional materials and methods.

“I believe fiber art is an underrepresented medium in the art world,” she said. “By entering my work in this open competition, I hope to raise awareness of the medium and inspire others who work with fiber to continue challenging the boundaries of art, craft and design.”

Zinn’s quilt is on display at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum, 303 Pearl St. NW.

MacMillan has been teaching ceramics and sculpture since coming to K from The University of Colorado-Boulder in 2016.

MacMillan became familiar with ArtPrize while living in New York City through art critic Jerry Saltz. When she returned to Michigan, where she attended high school and college, she took her K sculpture class to ArtPrize, and decided that she should enter this year. Her work is being displayed at the U.S. Post Office at 120 Monroe Center St. NW.

MacMillan’s father, a photography enthusiast, was among the first to inspire her to become an artist. “He helped me learn to frame the world outside through the viewfinder,” MacMillan said.

Firth MacMillan ArtPrize entry
Firth MacMillan’s sculptures, including the pieces presented at ArtPrize, are often three-dimensional representations derived from her photographs.

In fact, her sculptures – including the pieces presented at ArtPrize – are often three-dimensional representations derived from her photographs.

“In my work I reinterpret experiences of pointed yet everyday moments from life like the play of shadows from sunlight filtering through a canopy of trees,” MacMillan said on the ArtPrize Web page showing her work. “I take these ephemeral moments and translate them into three-dimensional form.”

First-round voting continues at ArtPrize through Sept. 30. Anyone attending ArtPrize can vote in the first round for their favorite artist or artwork to win a share of a half-million dollars in cash and prizes. Public attendees vote through their computers after they register onsite or through the mobile app while visiting the ArtPrize district. Mobile app users need to tap the “thumbs up” icon after entering an artist’s five-digit code. Computer voters tap the “thumbs up” icon at each artist’s profile. The five-digit codes are 64719, 64662 and 66515 for Cooper, Zinn and MacMillan respectively.

ArtPrize runs through Oct. 8. Learn more about the event.


New York Times, Architectural Digest Feature Alumna Julie Mehretu

Artist Julie Mehretu
Artist and Kalamazoo College alumna Julie Mehretu is featured in the New York Times and Architectural Digest for her latest project.

A Kalamazoo College alumna is receiving attention from publications including Architectural Digest and the New York Times for her latest artwork, a commission for the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Artist Julie Mehretu ’92, of New York City, has worked for the past 14 months at a deconsecrated Harlem church on two towering paintings measuring 27 feet by 32 feet that required a scissor lift to develop.

Since graduating from K with a degree in art and art history, Mehretu has become one of the leading contemporary artists in the United States. She has received international accolades for her work, with her honors including the American Art Award from the Whitney Museum of American Art and the prestigious MacArthur Fellow award.

Mehretu recently shared a testimonial of the liberal arts including her Kalamazoo College experience with the Council for Independent Colleges.

“The liberal arts experience gives you the opportunity to learn, to fail, to succeed, to really find out who you are,” she said. “When I reflect on how my artistic work has progressed, I think of those early years at Kalamazoo College. My artistic process takes both intense thought and impulse. Balancing this has taken time and evolved over the years. It happens in all kinds of different ways. I’m making all these decisions, determining one thing at a time, and not even so much determining as understanding. I think that’s what Kalamazoo College was for me: a place to begin to understand.”

The final products of her latest efforts will be on display at the San Francisco museum for more than three years beginning Sept. 2. Read more and take a sneak peek of the paintings at the New York Times and Architectural Digest websites. The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art also has a news release at its website.


May Marcia Wood Exhibition Includes Silent Auction

May Marcia Wood Exhibition
Marcia Wood inspects “Prospect” prior to finishing stages. The sculpture is part of K’s campus.

The late Marcia Wood ’55 served Kalamazoo College as a professor in the art department from 1965 to 1998. She also was a renowned and award winning artist whose works appear throughout the country. An exhibition of her work, Marcia Wood: Monuments and Miniatures, will occur in the Arts Council of Greater Kalamazoo EPIC Center Gallery from May 5 through May 26, 2017.

According to Wood’s friend and former colleague, David Curl, who served as a visiting professor of Art at Kalamazoo College from 1989-2000, the exhibition will feature legacy work—various examples of Wood’s smaller sculptures, maquettes, and early paintings. Many of the items have been donated by the Wood family for sale by silent auction. Proceeds of the auction benefit the Marcia J. Wood Scholarship Fund at Kalamazoo College.

“Marcia touched and inspired many lives through her original work and 40-year career,” said Curl. “She conceived and executed sixteen large-scale public art sculptures that were installed in four states, as well as literally countless paintings and smaller sculptures. Her style was conceptually and symbolically representational, but reflected the abstract expressionism of the times.” One of her large-scale installations, Prospect, was commissioned to celebrate the College’s 1983 sesquicentennial and is located in front of the Light Fine Arts Building. In 1980 Wood received the Florence J. Lucasse Fellowship for Excellence in Scholarship, the highest award bestowed by the College’s faculty honoring contributions in creative work. In 1997 Wood was honored with the Governor’s Art Award from the Concerned Citizens for the Arts in Michigan.

Prices of the artwork donated for auction, according to Curl, are not expected to approach “gallery” levels; only to reflect the maximum that each buyer is willing to commit to the scholarship fund. Online bidding will end as of the close of the EPIC Center exhibit on May 26, 2017, but bids entered by the exhibit opening on May 5, 2017 will be posted during the exhibition to encourage further bids from gallery visitors. “This silent auction of some of her lesser known work,” Curl says, “is a rare opportunity to continue Marcia’s legacy through contributing to her scholarship fund, and a last chance to acquire for your own collection a unique artifact of art history.”

The website is sponsored and supported solely by Curl, as agent for the Wood family, and is not connected directly to the College, to the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts, The Arts Council of Greater Kalamazoo, or to any other entity. All proceeds from online and gallery sales will go entirely to the Marcia J. Wood Scholarship Fund at Kalamazoo College. By bidding, you agree that your contact information will be used only for communication about your bid, to notify you if you submit a winning bid by close of this online auction at midnight Friday, May 26, 2017, and to arrange for payment and for pick-up or shipment of your purchase(s).

“I’m grateful to all who browse these few remaining items from her legacy work,” says Curl, “and to all those who purchase one in her honor, and attend her exhibitions!”

Endowed Professorships Mark the Quality of Pedagogy at K

Kalamazoo College recently appointed four faculty as endowed professors. Endowed professorships are positions funded by the annual earnings from an endowed gift or gifts to the College; therefore they are a direct reflection of 1) the value donors attribute to the excellent teaching and mentorship that occurs at K, and 2) the desire of donors to ensure the continuation of that excellence. Currently at K there are 26 endowed faculty positions, including the four recently announced.

Hannah Apps is the Thomas K. Kreilick Professor of Economics;

John Dugas is the Margaret and Roger Scholten Associate Professor of International Studies;

Kyla Day Fletcher is the Lucinda H. Stone Assistant Professor of Psychology; and

Sarah Lindley is the Arcus Social Justice Leadership Professor of Art.

Hannah Apps
Hannah Apps

Hannah Apps earned a B.A. degree, cum laude, from the University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill.  She earned a Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania in 1984.  She began her career at K in 1989, teaching a wide range of courses from principles of economics to public sector and urban economics to econometrics.  She served one term as mayor of the city of Kalamazoo and seven terms as vice mayor (1997 through 2014), community service that well aligns with her scholarly focus on community and economic development.  Her body of scholarship is impressive–two monographs; more than a dozen papers, articles and reports; numerous invited presentations; and a number of consultancies, typically with local governments and public agencies. Apps was selected as a Woman of Achievement by the Kalamazoo YWCA in 2004.  At K she has been department chair, chair of the Faculty Hearing Committee, and (currently) member of the Faculty Personnel Committee.

John Dugas
John Dugas

John Dugas earned his B.A., magna cum laude, from Louisiana State University. He completed his Ph.D. (political science) from Indiana University. He began his career at K in 1995 and teaches a range of courses in international politics and Latin American politics.  His early research focused on issues of political reform in Colombia, including decentralization, constitutional reform, and political party reform.  In more recent years, he has written about U.S. foreign policy toward Colombia as well as on human rights in the northern Andes. His current research explores the concept of “political genocide” in relation to the systematic killing of members of the Unión Patriótica, a Colombian political movement that was decimated in the 1980s and 1990s. He is the co-author of one book and the editor of another, both published in Spanish in Colombia.  His scholarship also includes nine book chapters, three articles in refereed journals, and numerous book reviews and conference papers.  Dugas is the recipient of two Fulbright Grants, one for teaching and research in Bogotá, Colombia (1999) and another for research in Quito, Ecuador (2010-2011).  At K Dugas has served as chair of the political science department and is currently the director of International and Area Studies major.  He is also the faculty advisor for the Model United Nations student organization.

Kyla Fletcher
Kyla Fletcher

Kyla Day Fletcher earned a B.S. degree, summa cum laude, from Howard University.  She earned a Ph.D. (developmental psychology) from the University of Michigan.  She has worked at K since 2012, teaching general psychology, adolescent development, psychology of the African-American experience, research methods, and psychology of sexuality. She has published five peer-reviewed journal articles since 2014 and is currently the principal investigator of a study titled “Substance Use and Partner Characteristics in Daily HIV Risk in African Americans.” That study is sponsored by the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities (part of the U.S. National Institutes of Health).  Fletcher has been an active contributor to the psychology department and the College, most recently serving as a representative on the presidential search committee.

Sarah Lindley
Sarah Lindley

Sarah Lindley earned her Bachelor of Fine Art degree, magna cum laude, from the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University.  She earned a M.F.A. (ceramics) from the University of Washington.  Since 2001 she has taught a wide range of ceramics and sculpture courses, and she has managed and maintained K’s ceramics, sculpture and woodshop studios and equipment.  Lindley served as an Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership Faculty Fellow in 2010-2011, and in that capacity she helped found the Community Studio in downtown Kalamazoo’s Park Trades Center. The Community Studio provides space for advanced art students to do and show work in close proximity to and collaboration with professional artists and community advocates for the arts and social justice.  In 2014 Lindley won the Michigan Campus Compact Outstanding Faculty Award for her civic engagement pedagogy.  She has had numerous solo, two-person and group exhibitions regionally, nationally, and  internationally.  In 2015 she won honorable mention in the 8th Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale in Korea.

“Professors Apps, Dugas, Fletcher and Lindley are extraordinary teachers,” said Provost Mickey McDonald. “And each has a deep commitment to scholarship and service, to the art and science of learning, and to the achievement of educational outcomes students can long apply to successful living.”

Arts Academy’s K Connections

Kalamazoo College alumna Julie MehretuJulie Mehretu ’92 is one of 14 new members voted into the American Academy of Arts and Letters. Mehretu is among the most celebrated of contemporary painters in the world. She works from studios in New York City and Berlin. She has exhibited in several important group exhibitions including “Poetic Justice”, 8th Istanbul Biennial (2003); Whitney Biennial; São Paolo Biennial and Carnegie International, Pittsburgh (2004); the Biennale of Sydney and the Museum of Modern Art, New York (2006); Prospect 1, New Orleans (2008); “Automatic Cities” MCA San Diego (2009); “From Picasso to Julie Mehretu,” British Museum, London (2010) and Document XIII, Kassel (2012). Solo exhibitions include Walker Art Center, Minneapolis; REDCAT, Los Angeles and Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo (2003); St Louis Art Museum (2005) and MUSAC, Léon, Spain (2006); “City Sitings,” Detroit Institute of Art and “Black City” Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebaek, Denmark (2007); North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh, (2008); “Grey Area,” Deutsche Guggenheim, Berlin (2009) and Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York (2010). In 2015 Mehretu was honored with the U.S. State Department’s National Medal of Arts.

The arts academy, an honorary society with a core membership of 250 writers, artists, composers and architects, was founded in 1898, with members since ranging from Henry James and William Dean Howells to Chuck Close and Stephen Sondheim. The new inductees will be formally welcomed at a ceremony at the New York-based academy in May, where academy member Joyce Carol Oates will deliver the keynote address. Previous speakers have included Helen Keller, Robert Frost and Robert Caro. The new group of inductees features Kalamazoo College connections through its Summer Common Reading program. Among the writers the academy honored this year are Junot Diaz, Ann Patchett and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. All visited K for the SCR program, which featured their novels, respectively, The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, Bel Canto, and Purple Hibiscus.

Why Neibuhr? Why Now?

Students Work with Former K Visiting Professor Jeremy SabellaSeveral students from Visiting Instructor of Art Danny Kim‘s videography classes had the opportunity to interview Jeremy Sabella, author of the companion book  of the new documentary, “An American Conscience: The Reinhold Niebuhr Story.

The K students asked the questions and did all of the sound and camera work required for the interview. They focused on the reasons the filmmakers chose to tell Neibuhr’s story. Their interview will be featured on the film’s website in coming weeks. The documentary film is currently screening in select locations this spring and will air on PBS later this year. It features interviews with many internationally recognized historians and scholars, including former Kalamazoo College professor Gary Dorrien, the Reinhold Niebuhr Professor of Social Ethics at Union Theological Seminary and Professor of Religion at Columbia University.

Neibuhr was one of America’s most prominent 20th-century theologians and political thinkers, noted for his unrelenting advocacy for justice and for the incisive clarity of his thinking and writing. Presidents from Barack Obama to Jimmy Carter have credited his impact on their thinking, as well as John McCain, countless historians, theologians, political thinkers, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who cited Niebuhr in his “Letter from a Birmingham Jail”.

Niebuhr’s books, Moral Man and Immoral Society (1932), The Nature and Destiny of Man (1941–43) and The Irony of American History (1952), continue to influence theological and political thinking. His insights into human nature and its relationship to political movements and social justice propelled him to speak openly, and often critically, to an America consumed by moral certainty. The documentary includes interviews with many prominent

The K “Sabella Interview” production crew included (l-r): Christine Cho, Kalkidan Amare, Mackenzie Landman, author Jeremy Sabella, Madeline Lauver, Ximena Davis and Blair Garner. Sabella is married to Sarah Koenig, visiting assistant professor in K’s religion department.