Visiting Kalamazoo College

Visiting Kalamazoo College

Visiting Kalamazoo College is as easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Read about our options for visiting Kalamazoo College and find the fit for you. (Each one is different and you are welcome to visit more than once!)
  2. Click on the title of the visit option for more detailed information, including dates and times.
  3. Register online!

*If you are a high school guidance or college counselor, please check out Counselor Visits.


Individual Visits

  • Weekday Visits

    • Weekday visits provide the broadest number of activities and best opportunities for students to learn about Kalamazoo College
    • Participate in an information session, join us on a campus tour and dine with students in our cafeteria
    • Personalize your visit by requesting additional activities like attending a class, doing an admission interview, staying overnight in a dorm with a student host, scheduling a music audition or lesson with a faculty member, etc. *Additional activities are offered to high school seniors and transfer students year-round, and to high school juniors after May 1
      • A note about Class Visits:  If you would like your visit to include a class, please plan your visit for a Monday, Wednesday or Friday when the course selection is optimal.
  • Saturday Visits

    • Saturday visits provide a limited number of activities for you to learn about Kalamazoo College on a day that may better fit your schedule
    • Any Saturday during the academic year, join us on a campus tour and enjoy lunch in our dining hall
    • On the first Saturday of each month, participate in an admission information session in addition to the campus tour and lunch in the dining hall

K Open Houses

  • Ideal for high school juniors and seniors who have not yet applied to K.
  • Open Houses provide a general overview of the many opportunities available at K.
  • Open Houses occur three times in the fall and twice in the spring.

Visit the Zoo: Admitted Student Celebration

  • For admitted students and their parents only!
  • Visit the Zoo is designed to help you make your final college choice. Students experience life at K through a variety of presentations and activities. Parents will participate in many of the same presentations, and may ask questions of College personnel and parents of current students.
  • Visit the Zoo programs begin in February!

Intercultural Fly-In Program

  • Designed for high school seniors from under-represented backgrounds who have applied and been admitted to the College.
  • Ideal for those interested in visiting campus to learn more about diversity and inclusion at Kalamazoo College.
  • Intercultural Fly-In program takes place in conjunction with a select Visit the Zoo program in April.

High School Group Visits

  • We welcome high schools or community organizations interested in visiting Kalamazoo College.
  • Group visits usually include an information session and campus tour.
  • Add lunch with current students for just $5 per person.
  • Group visits are scheduled on selected weekdays during the academic year and are scheduled on a first come, first served basis.

Virtual Information Session

  • Ideal for prospective students, their parents and high school counselors who are unable to visit campus
  • Learn about Kalamazoo College from anywhere in the world!
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