K Student Wins Alpha Lambda Delta Graduate Fellowship

Alpha Lambda Delta, the National Honor Society for top first-year students, is awarding Kalamazoo College’s Guillermo Dominguez-Garcia ’18 a Dr. Helen Clarke Graduate Fellowship to continue his studies next school year.

Alpha Lambda Delta Honoree Guillermo Dominguez-Garcia
Guillermo Dominguez-Garcia is receiving one of 26 Alpha Lambda Delta Graduate Fellowships awarded annually for graduate study.

The $3,000 grant will help defray Dominguez-Garcia’s expenses as he seeks an advanced degree in public policy. Admitted to Alpha Lambda Delta in 2015, he is studying philosophy and economics at K.

His many activities at K have included playing on the men’s tennis team, K to the Big Apple, Launch into Leadership and serving as a consultant at the College’s Writing Center and as a class agent for the Class of 2018. Born in Madrid, Spain, he grew up in China, Thailand and South Africa, and now calls Bethesda, Maryland, home. He is fluent in Mandarin, French, Spanish and English.

The grant he is receiving is one of 26 awarded annually for graduate study. It is named for the 10th national president of Alpha Lambda Theta, who served from 1979 to 1982.

Founded in 1924, Alpha Lambda Delta has a presence on over 275 campuses nationwide.

College Celebrates Honors Day

Kalamazoo College Family Weekend served as the backdrop for the College’s annual Honors Day convocation. More than 250 students were recognized Friday, Oct. 27, for excellence in academics and leadership in six divisions: Fine Arts, Foreign Languages, Humanities, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Social Sciences and Physical Education. Recipients of prestigious scholarships were recognized, as were members of national honor societies and students who received special Kalamazoo College awards. Student athletes and teams who won Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association awards also were honored. The students receiving Honors Day awards or recognition are listed below.

Honors Day
The Honors Day Convocation, conducted Oct. 27 at Stetson Chapel, celebrated the achievements of more than 250 Kalamazoo College students.


The Brian Gougeon Prize in Art
Hannah Rainaldi

The Margaret Upton Prize in Music
Joshua Gibson
Jenna Sherman

Cooper Award
Kate Kreiss

Sherwood Prize
Cody Colvin

Theatre Arts First-Year Student Award
Sophia Hill
Alysia Homminga


LeGrand Copley Prize in French
Valentina Cordero
Ravi Nair

Hardy Fuchs Award
Matthew Flotemersch

Margo Light Award
Annarosa Whitman

Romance Languages Department Prize in Spanish
Joshua Gibson
Kevin McCarty

Clara H. Buckley Prize for Excellence in Latin
Mara Hazen

Provost’s Prize in Classics
Clayton Meldrum


O.M. Allen Prize in English
Paige Coffing

John B. Wickstrom Prize in History
Riya Bhuyan

Department of Philosophy Prize
Lee Carter
Emiline Chipman

L.J. and Eva (“Gibbie”) Hemmes Memorial Prize in Philosophy
Rosella LoChirco


Winifred Peake Jones Prize in Biology
Brigette Berke
Amelia Davis
Dominic Gonzalez

Department of Chemistry Prize
Kevin McCarty

First-Year Chemistry Award
Kristen Amyx-Sherer
Alyssa Heitkamp

Lemuel F. Smith Award
Maria Fujii

Computer Science Prize
Fabien Debies
Zoe Larson
Danielle Sarafian

First-Year Mathematics Award
Michael Orwin
William Tait

Thomas O. Walton Prize in Mathematics
Allegra Allgeier

Cooper Prize in Physics
Benjamin Behrens
Valentina Harding
Alexis Periman
Justin Seablom
Ethan Tucker


Departmental Prize in Anthropology and Sociology
Paige Chung
Shadaijah Grandberry-Payton
Aliyah Jamaluddin
Elizabeth Munoz
Emiliana Renuart

C. Wallace Lawrence Prize in Economics
Andrew Parsons
Evelyn Wagner

C. Wallace Lawrence Prize in Business
Jessica Penny
Scott Roberts
Garrett Swanson

Irene and S. Kyle Morris Prize
Zachary Ray

William G. Howard Memorial Prize
Sarah Gerendasy

Department of Psychology First-Year Student Prize
Shannon Carley


Division of Physical Education Prize
Laura Hanselman
Daniel Henry

Maggie Wardle Prize
Elizabeth Munoz


Gordon Beaumont Memorial Award
Cydney Martell
Rumsha Sajid
Cindy Xiao

Henry and Inez Brown Prize
Alexandrea Ambs
Emily Good
David Vanderkloot

Virginia Hinkelman Memorial Award
Sarafina Milianti
Sep’tisha Riley

Heyl Scholars – Class of 2020
Andrew Backer
Matthew Giguere
Josephine Hosner
Danielle Janowicz
Samuel Meyer
Hannah Pittman
Stephanie Rauhoff
Subi Thakali
Dustin Tibbetts

Posse Scholars – Class of 2020
Alejandro Aguirre
Alexandro Cruz
Kahira Embry
Moses Gonzalez
Denise Jackson
Trevor Loduem-Jackson
Daniel Mota-Villegas
Angela Pastor
Enrique Robles
Gabrielle Walton Schwartz

National Merit Scholar – Class of 2020
Ehren White

Voynovich Scholars
Elise Houcek
Susmitha Narisetty

Alpha Lambda Delta – Class of 2019
Alpha Lambda Delta is a national honor society that recognizes excellence in academic achievement during the first college year. To be eligible for membership, students must earn a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5 and be in the top 20 percent of their class during the first year.

Logan Beck
Benjamin Behrens
Brigette Berke
Riya Bhuyan
Shannon Carley
Iffat Chowdhury
Valentina Cordero
Austin Cramer
Adelaine Dancer
Matthew Flotemersch
Amanda Gardner
Joshua Gibson
Dominic Gonzalez
Martin Hansknecht
Sophia Hill
Kento Hirakawa
Alysia Homminga
Maria Katrantzi
Zoe Larson
Samuel Maddox
Kathryn Martin
Kevin McCarty
Tamara Morrison
Elizabeth Munoz
Cayla Patterson
Alexis Periman
Victorialyn Regan
Danna Robles-Garcia
Orly Rubinfeld
Danielle Sarafian
Jenna Sherman
Simran Singh
Grant Stille
Sarah Whitfield


Performing Arts: Music
Madeleine Armstrong
Zachary Colburn
Adam Decker
Jennalise Ellis
Stanton Greenstone
Audrey Honig
Isabel McLaughlin
Katherine Miller-Purrenhage
Natalie Minzey
Julia Riddle
Margaret Roethler


The following Hornet teams earned the 2015-2016 MIAA Team GPA Award. Team members achieved a 3.3 or better grade point average for the entire academic year.

Men’s Baseball
Men’s Cross Country
Men’s Golf
Men’s Soccer
Men’s Swim & Dive
Men’s Tennis
Women’s Basketball
Women’s Golf
Women’s Lacrosse
Women’s Soccer
Women’s Softball
Women’s Swim & Dive
Women’s Tennis
Women’s Volleyball


The MIAA each year honors students at member colleges who achieve distinction in the classroom and in athletic competition. Students need to be a letter winners in a varsity sport and maintain at minimum 3.5 grade point average for the entire school year.

Cheyenne Allyn-White
Alexandrea Ambs
Georgie Andrews
Ryan Andrusz
Hunter Angileri
Alberto Ayala
Sonal Bahl
Chase Baysdell
Matthew Benedettini
Jacob Bonifacio
Kennedy Boulton
Riley Boyd
Andrew Bremer
Allie Brodsky
Molly Brueger
Ian Bunker
Matthew Burczyk
Alexander Cadigan
Charles Carson
Madeleine Chilcote
Jack Clark
Elizabeth Clevenger
Anthony Convertino
Austin Cramer
Anna Dairaghi
Christina Dandar
Elan Dantus
Roger Darling
Sabrina Dass
Steven Davis
Eric De Witt
Dana DeVito
Mikayla Doepker
Guillermo Dominguez-Garcia
Nathan Donovan
Erin DuRoss
Tristyn Edsall
Emma Eisenbeis
Michael Faust
Anders Finholt
John Fowler
Christopher Francis
Maria Franco
Brett Garwood
Cory Gensterblum
Joseph Giacalone
Jacob Gilhaus
Anthony Giovanni
Rachel Girard
Beau Godkin
Emily Good
Monica Gorgas
Mya Gough
Andre Grayson
Garrett Guthrie
Alyssa Heitkamp
Daniel Henry
Kaiya Herman-Hilker
Kyle Hernandez
Mathew Holmes-Hackerd
Allia Howard
Nicole Huff
Briana Huisken
Claire Jensen
Katherine Johnson
Marylou Johnson
Claire Kalina
Maria Katrantzi
Greg Kearns
Samuel Kepes
Benjamin Kileen
Dahwi Kim
William Kirchen
Ian Kobernick
Emily Kozal
Matthew Krinock
Stefan Leclerc
Rosella LoChirco
Nicholas Ludka
Cydney Martell
Eliza McCall
Katherine McKibbon
Branden Metzler
Joshua Miller
Suzanne Miller
Madison Moote
Zachary Morales
Elizabeth Munoz
Dylan Padget
James Paprocki
Cayla Patterson
John Patton
Bradley Popiel
Nicole Prentice
Zachary Prystash
Erin Radermacher
Zachary Ray
Phillip Ritchie
Scott Roberts
Justin Roop
Matthew Ryder
Paige Sambor
Aaron Schwark
Jacob Scott
Justin Seablom
Anorah Seita
Sharif Shaker
Chase Shelbourne
Alec Sherrill
Gabrielle Shimko
Grace Smith
Adam Snider
Kathleen Sorensen
Sydney Spring
Vethania Stavropoulos
Grant Stille
Shelby Suseland
Matthew Suter
Jacob Sypniewski
Jack Tagget
William Tait
Emma Tardiff
Benjamin Toledo
Alyana Tomlinson
Zachary Tornow
Matt Turton
Eva Ugelow
Madison Vallan
Kaela Van Til
Joshua Vance
David Vanderkloot
Zachary VanFaussien
Mitchell VanKoevering
Travis Veenhuis
John Vinson
Sidney Wall
Jacob Wasko
John Wehr
Alex White
Madeline Woods
Brent Yelton
Julie Zabik
Matthew Zhiss

‘Remarkably Thoughtful Gift’ Recognizes Professor’s Legacy

Joseph Stulberg ’67 says he sometimes marvels at how two or three years spent in a particular place can set the course for a lifetime.

Stulberg gift
Suzie Gonzalez ’83, Kalamazoo College President Jorge G. Gonzalez, Midge Stulberg, Janet and David Scarrow and Joseph (Josh) Stulberg ’67 (from left to right) gather at the home of Philosophy Department Chairman Christopher Latiolais during Homecoming weekend to celebrate the Stulbergs’ endowment of the Janet and David S. Scarrow Endowment for Philosophy.

For Stulberg, more commonly known as Josh, that place was Kalamazoo College, where people like David Scarrow, then a philosophy professor, and Scarrow’s wife Janet served as role models who inspired his own distinguished academic career.

Marking the 50th anniversary of his graduation and his class reunion during the 2017 Homecoming weekend, Stulberg – the Michael E. Moritz Chair in Alternative Dispute Resolution at Ohio State University’s Moritz College of Law – and his wife Midge are creating the Janet and David S. Scarrow Endowment for Philosophy. He says the fund is aimed at ensuring today’s Kalamazoo College philosophy majors have the sort of experience that helped shape his life.

The Stulbergs previously created scholarships for students majoring in philosophy and in English or theatre. Philosophy Department Chair Christopher Latiolais says their latest gift goes a step further, both supporting students and making possible what he hopes will be a fundamental element of the department’s program: the funding of teaching assistantships for philosophy majors.

The Scarrow Endowment will also support travel by philosophy majors to academic conferences where they can gain experience presenting their research. And Latiolais says the department hopes to launch an annual newsletter to help keep alumni connected to current students.

He says the Stulbergs’ gift is not only the largest the department has received during his tenure, but also is the product of years of discussions with the couple, who asked “hard, good, strong questions about what we were doing.”

“I thought it was a remarkably thoughtful gift,” Latiolais says.

College President Jorge G. Gonzalez says it is especially gratifying to see one professor honor another – and in the process, foster yet another generation of scholars.

“It reinforces that we are part of a profession that values its past yet is always looking ahead,” he said. “Nowhere is that more apparent than at a place like Kalamazoo College, where the liberal arts tradition endures.”

Stulberg says he and his wife are “thrilled” to be able to “provide some tangible resources” to support the mission of liberal arts education at Kalamazoo College – “the place I know best.”

As for Scarrow, now 91, he is self-effacing when asked about the reverence Stulberg holds for him, but pleased, honored and confident that the endowment “will enhance the lives of students who are serious about studying philosophy.”

For more information about the Janet and David S. Scarrow Endowment for Philosophy, contact Al DeSimone, Kalamazoo College Vice President for Advancement, at 269.337.7292 or Al.DeSimone@kzoo.edu.

– Text by Editorial Director Bill Steiden

Max Cherem ’04 appointed as Marlene Crandell Francis Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Kalamazoo College alumnus Max Cherem
Max Cherem ’04

Max Cherem ’04, assistant professor of philosophy, has been appointed as the Marlene Crandell Francis Assistant Professor of Philosophy beginning July 1, 2015 and running through June 30, 2018. This endowed chair is designated for “an entry-level teacher-scholar with demonstrated achievement and exceptional promise.”

Max is a K graduate, class of 2004, and was a Fulbright Fellow in Nepal the following year. He began his tenure track appointment at K in 2011 and completed his Ph.D. from Northwestern University in 2012. His paper “Refugee Rights: Against an Expanded Refugee Definition and Unilateral Protection Elsewhere Policies,” was recently accepted for publication in the highly regarded Journal of Political Philosophy.

Max was one of four persons in the country honored with the prestigious Humanities Writ Large Visiting Faculty Fellowship for the 2015-16 academic year. He will spend the year at Duke University working in the philosophy department and in the Kenan Institute for Ethics. His work focuses on the ethical challenges created by “externalized” state border controls: policies that try to prevent migrant arrival by projecting or outsourcing a nation’s authority over migration beyond its regular territorial borders. While he is at Duke, Max will work on two research projects about the due process standards appropriate for refugee status adjudications and the ethical issues raised by partnerships that delegate or coordinate authority. He also plans on volunteering with the refugee community in Durham area so as to learn about resettlement from their perspective. At K, Max’s teaching and research focuses on social and political philosophy, ethics and biomedical ethics, critical social theory, and philosophy of law.

Kalamazoo College alumna Marlene Crandell Francis
Marlene Crandell Francis ’58

Marlene Crandell Francis graduated from K in 1958 with a B.A. in English. She earned an M.A. in that subject from the University of Akron and taught there for 20 years. Returning to Michigan, she earned a Ph.D. in higher education administration at the University of Michigan. Marlene joined the Kalamazoo College board of trustees in 1980 and served on its executive committee and as secretary of the board before being elected an emerita trustee in 1998. She is the author of “A Fellowship in Learning: Kalamazoo College, 1833 – 2008,” published on the 175th anniversary of the College’s founding. Marlene and her husband, Arthur, live in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Kalamazoo College Hosts Conference on Art, Social Justice, and Critical Theory

Kalamazoo College will host a three-day conference of international artists, philosophers, social justice practitioners, and other scholars examining how art and aesthetic experience are connected to human freedom and social thriving.

Art, Social Justice and Critical Theory will be held May 16-18 on the K campus. The conference is free and open to the public, but registration is requested. A complete conference schedule is available at https://reason.kzoo.edu/criticaltheory/conference along with information on presenters and registration.

“Some of the leading philosophers of art and aesthetics in North America and Europe will join with artists, social justice practitioners, scholars, and students to focus on the connection between art, freedom, and social justice,” said conference organizer Kalamazoo College Associate Professor of Philosophy Chris Latiolais.

“This will truly be a unique gathering and one that will appeal to academicians and lay audiences across a spectrum of disciplines.”

According to Latiolais, invited speakers and panel members will address questions such as: Do experiences of natural beauty and art change how we experience the world and ourselves? If artwork illuminates critical issues, what type of understanding or participation do they require from their audiences? Might aesthetic experiences open us to new personal and political commitments?

“Answers to these questions have perplexed artists, critics, and scholars for centuries,” Latiolais said. “We invite all attendees to listen, learn, and lend their voices our lively discussion.”

The conference, co-sponsored by Kalamazoo College’s Philosophy Department and Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership, begins Thursday evening, May 16, with a keynote address on “Active Passivity” by Martin Seel from Johann Wolfgang Goethe Universität in Frankfurt, Germany. Latiolais describes Seel as “Europe’s most celebrated critical theorist of art and aesthetics.”

Lambert Zuidervaart, author, professor of philosophy at the Institute for Christian Studies in Toronto, and a member of the graduate faculties in theology and philosophy at the University of Toronto, will join Seel as a featured commenter and panel moderator throughout the conference. Before moving to Toronto in 2002, Zuidervaart was a professor of philosophy at Calvin College for 17 years and served as board member and president of the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts.

Other invited speakers include professors Paul Guyer (Brown University), Richard Eldridge (Swarthmore College), Michael Kelly (University of North Carolina), Elizabeth Millán (DePaul University), Sandra Shapshay (Indiana University), and Veronique Fóti (Pennsylvania State University).

According to Latiolais, Friday May 17 will focus on theoretical issues of art and aesthetics and includes a panel discussion on murals and public art featuring artists and scholars from Ireland, Wisconsin, and Kalamazoo, including Arcus Center Artist-in-Residence Sonia Baez-Hernandez. Martin Seel delivers a second keynote address Friday evening titled “Theses on Pictures and Films.”

Saturday, May 18, will be devoted to four panel discussions on performance art, the aesthetics and politics of food, museums and curatorship, and religious art and material culture. Panelists will include Grand Valley State University Professor of Art Paul Wittenbraker and numerous Kalamazoo College faculty members and students.

Public Art and Artistic Truth Lecturer at K

Author, philosopher and theologian Lambert Zuidervaart
Author, philosopher and theologian Lambert Zuidervaart

Kalamazoo College will host two public lectures on “Artistic Truth” and “Public Art” by Lambert Zuidervaart, Ph.D., professor of philosophy at the Institute for Christian Studies in Toronto and a member of the graduate faculties in theology and philosophy at the University of Toronto. He was recently appointed Director of ICS’s Centre for Philosophy, Religion, and Social Ethics. His recent books include Art in Public (2011), Dog-Kissed Tears (2010), Social Philosophy after Adorno (2007), and Artistic Truth (2004).

On Thursday Feb. 28, his topic will be “Artistic Truth.” On Friday March 1, his topic will be “Public Art.” Both lectures take place in the Olmsted Room, in Mandelle Hall, at the corner of Academy and Thompson streets on the K campus. Free and open to the public, the lectures start at 8:00 p.m. Call (269) 337-7076 for more info.

Zuidervaart is a recognized expert in critical theory, especially the work of Theodor Adorno. His research and teaching range across continental philosophy, hermeneutics, social philosophy, and philosophy of art, with an emphasis on Kant, Hegel, Marx, Heidegger, Gadamer, and Habermas. He is currently developing a comprehensive and transformative conception of truth, in debate with prominent philosophers in both analytic and continental traditions.

Before moving to Toronto in 2002, Zuidervaart was a professor of philosophy at Calvin College for 17 years and served as board member and president of the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts.