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Critical Theory Concentration


Requirements for the Concentration

Number of Units
6 units

Required Course
PHIL 208 19th-Century Philosophy: The Critique of Modernity

Five additional courses taken from at least three different departments:

ANSO 205 Urban Sociology
ANSO 225 Sex and Sexualities
ANSO 236 Race and Racism
ANSO 275 Thinking Theoretically
ANSO 330 Class, Status, and Power
ANSO 345 Theories of Society and Culture
ARTX 224 20th-Century Art
ARTX 227 Modern Art Museum
ARTX 290 Art and Gender
ARTX 340 Ways of Seeing
ENGL 108 Global Media & Visual Culture
ENGL 218 Post-Colonial Literature
ENGL 390 English Junior Seminar
ENGL 435 Advanced Literary Studies: American Indian Literature and the Law
ENGL 436 Literary Theory
PHIL 212 Philosophy of the Social Sciences
PHIL 211 Philosophy of Law
PHIL/SEMN 215 Human Rights & International Law
PHIL 291 Theorizing Citizenship & Immigration
PHIL 306 Philosophy of Language
PHIL 310 Critical Social Theory
PHIL 311 Postmodern Critical Theory
POLS 260 Liberty, Equality, and Authority
POLS 265 Feminist Political Theories
POLS 360 Contemporary Political Theory
POLS 320 Democracy and Democratic Theory
PSYC 430 Interviewing and Narrative Analysis
RELG 201/ARTX 205/SEMN 205 Religious Art and Material Culture
RELG 202 Same-Sex, Gender, and Religion
RELG 212 Contemporary Biblical Studies
WGS 390 Feminist and Queer Inquiry