Physical Education

Physical Education at K

As a K student, you will have to complete one unit of physical education to fulfill the College’s “sound mind in a sound body” philosophy requirement. Regular physical fitness has a proven effect in improving your learning and happiness, and, at K, we try to make that habit fun and enjoyable!  

You will be able to select from a wide variety of PE courses—each worth 0.2 units—such as yoga, ballet, rock climbing, scuba diving, first aid, backpacking, gardening, and tower bell ringing. These classes are designed to improve your overall health and wellness while still being accessible to all students, regardless of your current activity levels. Not to mention, with the wide variety of courses to choose from, you are certain to find something that piques your interest and can be the highlight of your week. 

Student-athletes are also able to count their participation as PE credit, with each season being worth .25 units. That means, if you participate in varsity athletics for all four years, you will have fulfilled your PE requirements without needing to take additional courses.