The Faculty

Kalamazoo College’s faculty of nationally and internationally respected scholars is dedicated to developing the strengths of every student, preparing them for lifelong learning, career readiness, intercultural understanding, social responsibility, and leadership.

  • 13:1 student-to-faculty ratio
  • 100 full-time faculty members
  • 94 percent of full-time faculty hold a Ph.D. or terminal degree
  • 79 percent of faculty are tenured/tenure-track
  • 53 percent of faculty are women

K is committed to building a diverse faculty that reflects our ever diversifying student body and the diversity of the world around us.

At Kalamazoo College, student-faculty interaction goes beyond the classroom to include working together on research projects, college committees, and community projects. The connections students and faculty form last well beyond graduation.

Alphabetical List of Faculty

Carol Anderson Religion, Women, Gender, and Sexuality
Hannah Apps Economics
Daniela M. Arias-Rotondo Chemistry
Tom Askew Physics
Jennifer L. Bailey Physical Education
Joseph Bangura History, African Studies, International and Area Studies
Espelencia Baptiste Anthropology and Sociology
Eric Barth Mathematics
Jeffrey Bartz Chemistry
Robert Batsell Psychology, Neuroscience
Oliver Baez Bendorf English
Justin Berry Political Science, American Studies
Karen Berthel Theatre Arts, Women, Gender, and Sexuality
Karyn Boatwright Psychology, Women, Gender, and Sexuality
Beau Bothwell Music
Alyce Brady Computer Science
Lisa Brock History
Anne Marie Butler Art and Art History, Women, Gender, and Sexuality
Juan Cardona Business
Cynthia Carosella Spanish Language and Literature
Christina B. Carroll History
Graham Chamness Chinese
Aurelie Chatton French and Francophone Studies
Max G. Cherem Philosophy, International and Area Studies
Arthur Cole Physics
Nayda Collazo-Llorens Art and Art History
Candace B. Combs
Timothy Conrad English
Kiran Cunningham Anthropology and Sociology, Women, Gender, and Sexuality
James P. Daniels Physical Education
John Dugas Political Science, International and Area Studies
Larissa Dugas French and Francophone Studies
Kelli Duimstra Physical Education
Jennifer Einspahr Political Science, Women, Gender, and Sexuality
Amy Elman Political Science, Women, Gender, and Sexuality , International and Area Studies
Anne Engh Biology
Angela Erdman German Studies
Marilyn Evans Classics
Thomas Evans Music
Gamze Evcimen Anthropology and Sociology
Ryan Fong English
Ann Fraser Biology
Dennis Frost History, East Asian Studies
Jennifer R. Furchak Chemistry
Francesca Gandini Mathematics
Cyndy Garcia-Weyandt Critical Ethnic Studies
Adriana Garriga-Lopez Anthropology and Sociology, Women, Gender, and Sexuality , Critical Theory Concentration, Community and Global Health
Alison Geist Community and Global Health
Will Georgic Economics
Binney Girdler Biology, Environmental Studies
Bryan Goyings Physical Education
Gary Gregg Psychology
Anne Haeckl Classics
Christine Hahn Art and Art History
Jeffrey Haus History, Religion, Jewish Studies
Marin Heinritz English, Women, Gender, and Sexuality
Jory J. Horner Physical Education
Autumn B. Hostetter Psychology
Patrik Hultberg Economics
Michele Intermont Mathematics
Amelia Katanski English
Mika Kennedy English
Daniel Kim Art and Art History
Carolyn Koebel Music
Andrew Koehler Music
Richard Koenig Art and Art History
Jennifer Langeland Psychology
Jim Langeland Biology
Christopher Latiolais Philosophy
Charlene Boyer Lewis History, Women, Gender, and Sexuality
James Lewis History
Sarah Lindley Art and Art History
Brittany Liu Psychology
Ivett Lopez Malagamba Spanish Language and Literature
Christopher J. Ludwa Music
Katie MacLean Spanish Language and Literature
Amy MacMillan Economics
Alyssa J. Maldonado-Estrada Religion
Elizabeth Manwell Classics, Women, Gender, and Sexuality
Katherine Miller Physical Education
Timothy Moffit Economics
Kyle Morrison Biology
Andrew Mozina English
Mark Murphy Physical Education
James Nemiroff Spanish Language and Literature
Duong Nguyen Mathematics
Eric Nordmoe Mathematics
Fari Nzinga Art History, Art and Art History
Stephen Oloo Mathematics
Michael Ott Physical Education
Shiwha Park Chemistry
Isabel Pena y Valenzuela Biology
Jennifer Perry Psychology
Taylor Petrey Religion, Women, Gender, and Sexuality
Lanny Potts Theatre Arts
Michael Powers German Studies
Diomedes Rabago Spanish Language and Literature
Vincent Redko Physical Education
Jon Reeves Theatre Arts
Tom Rice Art and Art History
Mark J. Riley Physical Education
Rochelle Rojas History
Maria Romero-Eshuis Spanish Language and Literature
Santiago Salinas Biology
Lori Sands Theatre Arts
Manfa Sanogo French and Francophone Studies
Adam Schumaker Music
Kathryn Sederberg German Studies
Lumumba Shabazz Physical Education
Babli Sinha English, Film and Media Studies
Amy Smith English, Women, Gender, and Sexuality
Jessica R. Smith Physical Education
Joanna H. Steinhauser Music
Regina Stevens-Truss Chemistry, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Sara Stockwood Physical Education
Charles Stull Economics
Noriko Sugimori Japanese, East Asian Studies
Siu-Lan Tan Psychology
Jan Tobochnik Physics, Biological Physics
Blakely Tresca Chemistry
Darshana Udayanganie Economics
Enid Valle Spanish Language and Literature, International and Area Studies
Sandino N. Vargas Perez Computer Science
Francisco J. Villegas Anthropology and Sociology
Tyler Walker Japanese
Bianca Washington Theatre Arts
Petra Watzke German Studies
Leihua Weng Chinese
Dwight Williams Chemistry
David Wilson Physics
Amanda Wollenberg Biology
Michael Wollenberg Biology
Mikela Zhezha-Thaumanavar Spanish Language and Literature
Jamie Zorbo Physical Education