Chemistry and Biochemistry

Mission Statement

The Kalamazoo College Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry is a diverse community of students, faculty, and staff committed to the development of excellent chemistry and biochemistry majors in an environment of equity, inclusion, and respect. Our department strives to fulfill the College’s mission “…to prepare its graduates to better understand, live successfully within, and provide enlightened leadership to a richly diverse and increasingly complex world.”

Our curriculum is grounded in the liberal arts and aims to prepare graduates for direct entry to the workforce or for further study in graduate or professional school. Our courses are learner-focused and use evidence-based methods to engage everyone regardless of background. Our laboratory courses emphasize skill development and independence while promoting a safety culture.

Students who graduate from our program will have information literacy and scientific presentation skills, will be conscious of the environmental and social impacts of chemicals and chemical waste, and will have a molecular view of the world.

And we like to have fun while we build community.

Program Description

The chemistry program is an American Chemical Society (ACS) approved pre-professional undergraduate program that stresses the art of scientific thought and the role of chemistry and biochemistry in society. Chemistry and biochemistry students benefit from a close working relationship with faculty members in an atmosphere that encourages research. Majors can gain preparation suitable for graduate study in chemistry, biochemistry, chemical and materials engineering, environmental sciences, pharmacology, medicinal chemistry, clinical chemistry, or molecular biology. Other professional opportunities open to chemistry and biochemistry graduates include: medical, dental, or veterinary schools; business administration; patent or environmental law. Majors will also have a background appropriate for becoming a professional research or process chemist in industrial, pharmaceutical, or government laboratories; teaching high school chemistry; doing environmental monitoring or remediation; working in sales, product development, or in laboratory safety; becoming a writer on science topics, working in science libraries or other information services; doing conservation work in art museums; or performing forensic analyses for law enforcement agencies.


Daniela M. Arias-Rotondo, Assistant Professor of Chemistry. BS Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina PhD Michigan State University

Jeffrey Bartz (Chair), Kurt D. Kaufman Professor of Chemistry . BS Southwest State University PhD University of Wisconsin, Madison

Arjun Bhowmick, Visiting Assistant Professor Chemistry.

Jennifer R. Furchak, Associate Professor of Chemistry. BA Albion College MS, PhD University of Michigan

Josephine Mitchell, Assistant Professor of Chemistry. Phdc University of Wisconsin BS Grand Valley State University

Regina Stevens-Truss, Dorothy H. Heyl Professor of Chemistry. BA Rutgers University PhD University of Toledo

Blakely Tresca, Roger F. and Harriet G. Varney Assistant Professor of Chemistry. BA Trinity University MS, PhD University of Oregon

Dwight Williams, Roger F. and Harriet G. Varney Associate Professor of Chemistry. BS Coastal Carolina University PhD Virginia Commonwealth University


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