Women, Gender, and Sexuality

Program Information

The major and concentration in Women, Gender, and Sexuality offers an interdisciplinary approach designed for students wishing to pursue these interests systematically in their academic programs. The major is strongly recommended for those considering graduate work in women’s, gender, and/or sexuality studies, but both the major and concentration are intended to enrich the liberal arts experience of any student through concerted study of a significant dimensions of human experience. The program aims to include the widest possible spectrum of issues affecting women and GLBTQIA+ individuals and to understand how those issues intersect with other categories of identity, including race, nationality, religion, class, and ability. Students are encouraged to select courses from across different disciplines, in order to become acquainted them with a variety of perspectives and methodologies. Those considering the major or concentration are encouraged to consult with the director as early as possible in order to make the most of the opportunities available.


Karyn Boatwright, Associate Professor of Psychology. BA Lee University MA, PhD Michigan State University

Anne Marie Butler, Assistant Professor of Art History and Women, Gender, and Sexuality. BA Scripps College MA New York University PhD State University of New York at Buffalo

Amy Elman, Weber Professor in Social Science. BA Brandeis University MA, PhD New York University

Christine Hahn, Professor of Art and Art History. BA Carleton College MA, PhD University of Chicago

Charlene Boyer Lewis (Chair), Professor of History. BA Kalamazoo College MA American University PhD University of Virginia

Elizabeth Manwell, Sally Appleton Kirkpatrick Professor of Classical Studies. BA Ohio State University MA University of Cincinnati PhD University of Chicago

Taylor Petrey, Associate Professor of Religion. BA Pace University MTS, ThD Harvard University Divinity School

Ren Pruis, Professor of Theatre Arts. BA Western Michigan University MFA American Conservatory Theatre

Amy Smith, Professor of English. BA Allegheny College MA, PhD University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign