What Will Be Your K-Plan?

The K-Plan is a distinctive, integrated approach to an excellent education in the liberal arts and sciences. You customize your four-year college experience, and through your highly-personalized K-Plan, you will do more in four years at Kalamazoo College so you can do more in your lifetime.

The K-Plan is comprised of four parts:

  1. Depth and Breadth in the Liberal Arts and Sciences
  2. Learning through Experience
  3. International and Intercultural Experience
  4. Independent Scholarship
Aaron McKay ’17
Senior at Kalamazoo College
Major: Biology, pre-med track
Minor: Chinese
Learning through Experience: Internship at international hospital in Beijing; officer of the Young Men of Color student organization
Study Abroad: Beijing, China for 6 months
SIP: Exploring the way a microscopic round worm (nematode) pathogenic to insect larvae uses bacteria to keep other nematodes away from the host it has invaded
“K has a reputation for excellent MCAT preparation and my dream is med school and a career in cardiology.”
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Michelle Escobar ’16
Michelle Escobar ’16
Registered Behavioral Technician at Daily Behavioral Health (Cleveland, Ohio); Graduate Student at Drexel University (Masters in Applied Behavioral Analyses with an emphasis in Autism)
Major: Anthropology and Sociology
Minor: Psychology
Learning through Experience: internships at Madras Christian School in Chennai, India; Daily Behavioral Health in Cleveland, OH; Comhar-Hope Latino in Philadelphia, PA
Study Away: Philadelphia Urban Studies Center: volunteered for Morivivi breast cancer awareness center and participated in seminar connecting students with inmates serving sentences in a medium-security detention center
SIP: Studied the effect of classroom organization and teaching methods on educational outcomes for elementary-school-aged autistic children in the Kalamazoo Public Schools
“My first year, I took a lot of pre-med courses, thinking I would go to medical school and become a pediatrician. I soon discovered my passions lay elsewhere. The open curriculum makes provisions for such surprises and discoveries and still allows you to graduate on time.”
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Sara Stack
Sara Stack ’15
Graduate Student at Purdue University (Masters in Entomology)
Majors: Biology, Religion
Learning through Experience: Presented undergraduate research on Kleopatra Selene (the daughter of Mark Antony and Kleopatra VII) at the 2016 meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America
Study Abroad: Strasbourg, France for six months
SIP: Investigated the effect of the emerald ash borer, an invasive beetle that kills ash trees, on the biodiversity of a family of beetles known as Carabidae
“At K we value breadth and depth of academic course work. It’s hard to find a more dynamic example of that than Sara, with her curiosity and hard work in biology, religion and classics.”
–Anne Haeckl, Classics Department
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K’s Open Curriculum does NOT require you to complete a fixed set of General Education courses; rather, you will shape your major and all other classes with guidance from faculty and other mentors. The flexibility and rigor of K’s curriculum provides you a customized academic experience with superior lifelong value. Our curriculum works splendidly if you think you know right now what you want to major (or double-major) in; and it works equally well if you prefer to explore widely before making that decision.

A HANDS-ON EDUCATION: Learning Through Experience
At K, you will connect your classroom learning with real-world experience by completing a career development internship or externship, participating in civic engagement and service-learning projects, and getting involved in social justice leadership work.

STUDY ABROAD: International and Intercultural Experience
Kalamazoo College’s study abroad programs have served as a model among U.S. colleges for over 50 years. You will choose from almost 50 different programs located in 25 countries across 6 continents. Your credits will transfer fully, meaning you can go abroad for 3, 6, or 9 months and graduate on time; and for almost every program we run your financial aid transfers fully, too.

As the culmination of your learning at K, you will explore a subject of your own choosing, resulting in an in-depth, graduate-level research thesis, performance, or creative work. Many schools offer a senior project as an option for honors students, but we consider all Kalamazoo College students honors students, so the Senior Individualized Project (SIP) is required.

Where Will the K-Plan Lead You?

UNMATCHED VALUE: Extraordinary Outcomes

Kalamazoo College invented the K-Plan, and though it’s now widely imitated, no one integrates its elements as well as its founder. A K grad like you will know how to think critically, solve problems creatively, and collaborate across cultures and languages. You can navigate many careers using the analytical and communication skills you developed at K. And you will be an engaged member of your community, our society, and the world.

Let our excellent academic curriculum, our diverse campus community, our dynamic city and our extraordinary outcomes make a difference in your life. Experience how the K-Plan helps Kalamazoo College students do more in four years so they can do more in a lifetime.