Why Learn Arabic at K?

Kalamazoo College empowers you to learn Arabic through practice with small and engaging classes, fun co-curricular events, and the chance to study aboard in Amman, Jordan.  

The Arabic program introduces you to the language, culture, history and geography of the Arabic-speaking world. In addition to learning Modern Standard Arabic (written and spoken), you will also become proficient in colloquial Levantine dialect (spoken). 

In the three-course sequence, you will learn to read, write, and speak Arabic by examining historic and modern texts and media. For students looking to continue their studies beyond the sequence, you seek out other courses college-wide with a Middle East focus. You can further take advantage of an immersive study abroad experience in Amman, Jordan, where you will have the opportunity to live and learn alongside local students for two terms and participate in an internship with a local organization. 

The Arabic program will equip you with the language and cultural skills to engage with Arabic-speaking communities in Michigan and elsewhere. You will also be advantaged professionally, as Arabic is considered a critical language that is highly valued in global relations, international business, and communication fields. 

Program Spotlights

Amman, Jordan

Study Abroad in Amman, Jordan 

While you can choose from any of the College’s 50+ study abroad programs, many of our Arabic language students choose to go to Amman, Jordan for two terms. While in Amman, you will live with local students, take language and cultural classes at the University of Jordan, and immerse yourself in the community by participating in a meaningful internship with a charitable local organization. 

Connect with fellow students interested in the Arabic-speaking world 

Outside the classroom, there are plenty of ways to explore Arabic language and traditions. Student organizations like the Arab Student Union and Students for Justice in Palestine offer a space to share Arabic-speaking culture and discuss pressing global issues in their meetings and the campus-wide events they plan. For example, members of the Arab Student Union helped plan and perform at the annual Afro Fiesta Desi Sol student event. 

Students performing