Student Organizations

The K experience is so much more than just what happens in the classroom; the people with whom you will share four years on campus will equally shape your personal development. Kalamazoo College’s student organizations are an amazing way to make friends with classmates who share similar interests and hobbies, and with over 80 student organizations on campus, you will certainly find your people.  

Do you want to try out improv? Watch your favorite anime? Get into a fierce ping pong duel? Or de-stress and crochet? We have a group for that! And if you don’t see what you are looking for, you can always gather your friends and form a new student organization through the Office of Student Activities

Active Student Organizations

Academic and Pre-Professional

Health Professions Society 

The Health Professions Society is an organization seeking to foster a welcoming pre-health environment at K through peer mentorship, volunteer trips and networking events. 

Multicultural Association of Pre-Health Students 

The Multicultural Association of Pre-Health Students is a safe space for ethnic and racial minority-identifying students pursuing a career in healthcare to learn more about the field and expand their network. 

Pre-Physician Assistant Society  

The Pre-Physician Assistant Society (PAS) educates members about the physician assistant profession and develops their skills for graduate school. PAS offers access to workshops, guest speakers, and community service or PCE/HCE opportunities. 

Pre-Dental Club 

The Pre-Dental Club is a community of students who are pursuing a career in dentistry. The group volunteers in the dental community; brings in guest speakers; and discusses dental school, the application process and job shadowing opportunities. 

Kalamazoo College American Chemical Society 

The Kalamazoo College American Chemical Society focuses on professional development for chemists and fun science-related competitions and events for everyone. 

Marketing Club 

The Marketing Club is an educational and social group that brings students together to learn more about marketing, participate in marketing- and business-based discussions, and attend marketing events. 

Investment Club 

The Kalamazoo College Investment Club is a student-led organization focused on educating K students about investments and finance.  The club is open to all and meets regularly to discuss the stock market, host guest speaker events and compete in an investment simulation. 

Sport Business Club 

The Sports Business Club seeks to help students break into the sports industry. 

Pre-Law Society 

The Kalamazoo College Pre-Law Society provides resources for students who are interested in pursuing careers in the legal field: information sessions, panels with attorneys, weekly LSAT prep sessions, general career advice and law school tours. 

K Philosophers

K Philosophy Club is an all-inclusive student group and forum for anyone interested in the field. 

The Professional Women’s Club of Kalamazoo College 

The Professional Women’s Club of Kalamazoo College is a community of female-identifying students seeking to strive in the male-dominated business sector and succussed at K. 

Computer Science Society 

The Computer Science Society is a student organization focused on helping students grow within the computer science field and develop the skills they need for professional success. 

Society of Physics Students 

The Kalamazoo College chapter of the Society of Physics Students is a student-led organization that promotes the development and success of future scientific leaders. Meetings focus on current and historical events in physics, conversations on inclusion, information sessions, group-bonding activities and travel to scientific facilities. 

Higher-Level Education in DOW 

The Higher-Level Education in DOW organization seeks to create an environment and provide the resources necessary for all students to succeed in higher education. 


Cirque du K 

Cirque du K is Kalamazoo College’s on-campus circus organization, specializing in aerial performance arts, partner acrobats, and various ground skills. 


Monkapult is the College’s improv comedy troupe, hosting weekly workshops and several shows each term. 

Frelon Dance Company 

Frelon Dance Company hosts two annual performances featuring all different styles of dance, from ballet to Irish step dancing to hip-hop. 

K Baile 

K Baile is a student organization committed to providing an inclusive dance environment for all who would like to learn and practice different styles of dance. 


K-Rock is a gathering of musicians and aspiring musicians who come together to create and perform music. The club is focused on, but not restricted to, rock music and its subgenres. 


Kalamadudes is a laid-back, fun and inclusive TTBB (tenor and bass) A Capella group. 

Premium Orange  

Premium Orange is an SATB (soprano, alto, tenor and bass) A Capella group. 

The Limelights  

The Limelights are a woman-identifying/gender-non-conforming A Capella group. 


ACAPOC (A Cappella People of Color) is an A Capella group for students of color to perform music from POC artists and uplift the experiences of POC on campus. 

WJMD Radio 

WJMD Radio is the student-run campus radio station. 

Sports and Outdoorsmanship

Kalamazoo College Ultimate Frisbee 

Kalamazoo College Ultimate Frisbee consists of a men’s team (The Ultimate Buzz) and a women’s team (The Queen Beez). Both teams are open to all—regardless of skill level—and hold weekly practices and several tournaments each term. 

Equestrian Team 

The Equestrian Team welcomes riders of all skill levels to join in on lessons, ranging from walk-trot to advanced fences. 

Kalamazoo College Fencing Club 

The Kalamazoo College Fencing Club is a group for students who are interested in learning and improving their fencing skills: foil, epee and saber fencing at both personal and competitive levels. 

Kalamazoo Water Polo 

Kalamazoo Water Polo is a fun and inclusive group for individuals who are interested in the sport. Meeting styles vary, but tend to revolve around learning skills and exercises that will make them better athletes in and out of the pool. 

Martial Arts and Self Defense Club 

Martial Arts and Self-Defense Club is an inclusive, low-pressure environment where students can learn whatever interests them: self-defense, martial arts, or even recreating a movie fight scene! 

Kalamazoo Dance Team 

The Kalamazoo Dance Team performs at K’s football and basketball halftime shows as well as other student-led events, such as Frelon. The team’s style is hip-hop with a jazz dance focus. 

Kalamazoo College Soccer Club 

Kalamazoo College Soccer Club is all about connecting people through soccer, offering recreational games open to the whole student body. 

Volleyball Club 

Volleyball Club is a space for students of all levels to learn and practice the rules, skills and gameplay of volleyball.  

Wrestling Club 

Wrestling Club is a space for students who share an interest in wrestling to learn both the basics and intricacies of the sport, no experience is necessary.   

Kalamazoo Classic

The weightlifting club revolves around forming a community to discuss different forms of weightlifting, goals each member wants to achieve, how to approach it, and compete in the different weightlifting categories. 

Kalamazoo Outing Club 

Kalamazoo Outing Club provides trips and activities for its members and all K students to get outdoors. The group offers leaders, funding and help planning excursions.  


Konstellation welcomes students interested in examining astronomical phenomena and learning how to capture these unique instances for posterity. The group organizes open discussions, star-gazing outings and photography sessions. 

Looking for other ways to stay active?

Politics and Activism

K Votes 

K Votes is a non-partisan coalition to inform Kalamazoo College students, faculty and staff members about voting and civic engagement: the voting process, registration, and what their vote means.  

Kalamazoo College Council of Student Representatives 

The Kalamazoo College Council of Student Representatives is the student governing body on campus that advocates for students within institutional structures. Members are selected each Fall by general election. 

College Democrats 

College Democrats is the local chapter and student outreach branch for the Democratic Party. The group promotes democracy and democratic values on campus and in the larger community. 

Model United Nations 

Model United Nations is a group for students to learn public speaking and open dialogue in a fun, interactive way. 

Students for Justice in Palestine 

Students for Justice in Palestine is a group of students dedicated to learning about and sharing Palestinian culture (art, food, music, traditions), liberation, and current and past injustices.  

Students for Reproductive Freedom

Students for ReproducThe Students for Reproductive Freedom is a group that works with the College and Kalamazoo community to achieve bodily autonomy and safety from violence for everyone.

Environmental Conservation Organization 

The Environmental Conservation Organization (ECO) is a group that aims to cultivate a more sustainable community on campus and bring awareness to environmental justice. 

Food Recovery Network 

The Food Recovery Network unites students on college campuses to fight food waste and hunger by recovering perishable food that would otherwise go to waste and donating it. 

Red Cross Club 

Red Cross Club organizes and runs blood drives, provides basic emergency health trainings and volunteers with non-profit organizations, including the American Red Cross. 

Refugee Outreach Collective 

The Refugee Outreach Collective amplifies the diverse narratives of migrant communities through relationship building: tutoring displaced children in Kalamazoo, participating in language exchanges and pen pal programs, and assisting with family partnership programs. 

Sisters in Science 

Sisters in Science is a student group that mentors fourth- and fifth-grade girls at a local elementary school and encourages them to participate in STEM programs. 

Culture and Identity

Arab Student Association

The Arab Student Union is a safe and inclusive space for Arabs of all nationalities and backgrounds on campus. The group empowers the K Arab community through various cultural events and opportunities. 

Asian Pacific Islander Student Association 

The Asian Pacific Islander Student Association promotes awareness of Asian American heritage at K and fosters a community for students to learn, identify and share their culture through meetings, conferences, performances and other activities. 

Kapamilya: Pilipinx-American Student Association 

The Philipinx-American Student Association is a space centered on bayanihan, the spirit of community, for Pinoys to share their experiences, identities and culture on campus.

K Desi 

K Desi is a group for Desi-identifying students to embrace South Asian cultures through games, crafts, exercises, pop culture and hosting events on campus like Diwali and Holi. 

Chinese Language and Culture Club

A group that organizes events to strengthen cultural, social, academic, and political awareness of Chinese cultures on campus.

Black Student Organization  

The Black Student Organization is a solidary group for black-identifying students to prosper while at K through academic, social and political empowerment.  


Kalama-Africa is a community to celebrate and engage with African cultures and experiences on campus. 

Sister Circle 

Sister Circle is a space for young black women to address problems that affect the black community and offer the mental and emotional support needed for black women to start a path of healing. 

Womxn of Color Alliance 

The Womxn of Color Alliance is a group that creates relationships across aesthetic, ideological and cultural differences to unite and amplify the voices of powerful women of color.

Young Men of Color 

Young Men of Color is an organization that centers around the identities of men of color to promote physical and mental health, academic achievement, professional development, and a sense of unity on campus. 

Vietnamese Club 

Vietnamese Club is a student organization for Vietnamese, Vietnamese-American, and all students interested in learning about and sharing in Vietnamese culture.

Latinx Student Organization 

The Latinx Student Organization (LSO) is a community for Latinx students to learn and celebrate their values, beliefs and traditions. LSO additionally provides opportunities for members to improve their academic achievement, professional advancement and leadership development.  

Puchica Vos! 

Puchica Vos! is a Central American organization that focuses on supporting the well-being of students from the Central American diaspora. The group makes space for Central American identities by sharing food, slang and language, events, resources and time in community. 

International Student Organization 

The International Student Organization (ISO) seeks to support and empower international students as they acclimate to life in the U.S. and at K. ISO creates a space for students to talk about their personal challenges and improve their physical and emotional well-being. 

KC DREAM (Kalamazoo College Disability-Illness Rights, Education, Activism and Mentoring)

A part of the national DREAM network, KC DREAM provides a space for disabled students and allies to form community, educate, and advocate on campus.


Kaleidoscope is an organization for LGBTQ+ identifying students (and their allies) dedicated to supporting and uplifting queer people on campus in whatever ways possible, such as creating community and building safe spaces. 


QTPOCC is a space for Queer and Trans-identifying people of color to build community and solidarity.  

Interfaith Student Leaders

A cohort of students from varied religious backgrounds who ask crucial life questions, reflect on their beliefs and learn about the world’s many faith traditions.

Space for Grace

A Christian student organization for biblical formation and community building.

Kalamazoo Bible Club

A space for all faiths to come together to learn about the Bible, what it means, why it is important, and how we can apply it in our lives today.

Athletes in Action

A Christian group of athletes on campus who seek to build spiritual movements everywhere through the platform of sports.

Hillel at K 

The Kalamazoo College chapter of Hillel, a Jewish student organization that creates a place of belonging as students continue their spiritual growth. 

Muslim Student Association 

A space for Muslims on campus to join in community and share in faith. 

Kalamazoo College Coven 

A Wiccan student organization that focuses on exploring and practicing pagan beliefs. 


Kalamazoo College Film Club 

Kalamazoo College Film Club holds screenings and discussions of movies you cannot help but enjoy with company. 

Baked at K

A group that seeks to build community through sharing food! Come bake with your fellow classmates or enjoy the treats prepared by local vendors.

Anime Club 

Anime Club is a group for watching and discussing anime. 

K Chess Club 

K Chess Club is a fun environment for casual and competitive players to sharpen their skills with weekly games culminating in a tournament each term. 

Tabletop Role-Playing Game Club 

The Tabletop Role-Playing Game Club is a club focused on cooperative narrative games where a group of players write a story together! The club aims to explore and play different games and styles.