Campus Safety

Kalamazoo College Campus Safety is dedicated to creating a secure atmosphere so that students can focus on their K experience.

Creating a Safe Campus

campus safety employee in his car

Campus Safety personnel are on duty 24/7, available to assist students and respond to concerns. To ensure the safety of all students, safety personnel regularly patrol campus, all facilities are secured, and there is ample exterior lighting and emergency phones placed across the grounds. In the event of an active threat, K Alerts go out to all students’ emails and phones with live updates as more information is uncovered.

Campus Safety is a non-deputized entity without arrest powers. For events that require increased care, the College has partnered with Kalamazoo Public Safety.

Kalamazoo Public Safety Partnership

K has a close working relationship with Kalamazoo Public Safety, the city’s first responders. The College will conduct most preliminary investigations into nonviolent criminal offenses, while Kalamazoo Public Safety responds to crimes in progress, medical emergencies, and crimes against persons. Notably, Campus Safety does not monitor off-campus housing or student organizations. If a situation arises off-campus, students should contact local authorities. 

City of Kalamazoo First Responder Contact information

Emergency: 911

Non-Emergency: 269.488.8911

General Information: 269.337.8120


Student Responsibility

A safe campus requires the active involvement and cooperation of our students. Each student is expected to take their personal safety and security seriously, know emergency responses, and abide by college policies.

Student Violations of College Policy

Alleged violations of college policy will be resolved through the student conduct process.

Secure Facilities

Each building on campus is secured and access is restricted depending on the building, date, time, and person seeking entrance. Publicly accessible buildings are generally open during business hours on weekdays when the College is in session. Academic, athletic, and residential buildings typically require students to swipe their student IDs for entry. 

To further deter crimes on campus, the grounds are regularly patrolled by Campus Safety, illuminated with exterior lighting, and emergency phones are scattered across campus for students to use in case of emergency. 

K Alerts

The College uses K Alerts, a system for calling, emailing and texting students on their personal devices, to inform them of active threats both on campus and in the surrounding blocks.

In Emergency Dial 911

Campus Safety Contact Info

Location: 2nd Floor Hicks Student Center


Phone: 269.337.7321

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