Campus Dining


We source our food from on-campus gardens, local farmers, and community-supported agriculture programs. 


To keep our planet healthy, we are committed to purchasing organic, fair trade, and sustainable products. 


We are passionate about food, and we believe in using wholesome, nutritious ingredients for all that we prepare.


We cook a variety of foods each day so that students have options that fit their dietary and nutritional needs.


Whether from food allergies or a global pandemic, we are determined to create a safe dining experience for all students.

College Dining Halls

Welles College Dining Hall

Welles Dining Hall

Welles is the College’s primary dining hall, located on the second floor of the Hicks Student Center. Campus Dining Services provides a variety of buffet-style meals each day to meet students’ varied dietary restrictions and preferences. 

The Richardson Room

Richardson Room

For students looking for a meal to go, come to the first floor of the Hicks Student Center where staff at the Richardson Room prepare custom sandwiches and packaged meals.  


The Book Club

Located on the first floor of the Upjohn Library, The Book Club is K’s coffee shop on campus. To give students a boost while studying, The Book Club offers beverages, snacks, and light grab “n” go meals.

Student Meal Plans

Residential Students

All students living on campus, except those in Living Learning Houses or campus apartments, are required to have a meal plan. Students can select from six different plans, ranging from 10 to 20 meals a week. Meal plans additionally come with K Cash, dining dollars that can be used at any of our facilities to purchase snacks, beverages, or guest meals.


Off-campus students may purchase a commuter meal plan and receive 25 to 75 meal swipes for the academic year.

Other Payment Options

All campus dining locations additionally accept credit cards. 

Dining Accommodations

K is committed to ensuring that our students get the nutrients they need to focus on their studies. To that end, the College dining halls provide students with alternative arrangements.

  • Dietary Restrictions: Campus Dining Services offers an array of choices for students that take dietary restrictions into consideration. Foods that contain typical allergins are clearly labeled and our dining staff are always happy to go over the ingredients list when asked.
  • Religion: Students whose religious practices interfere with the dining hall’s hours of operations can order meals to be arranged and picked up. Campus Dining Services additionally prepares halal and kosher meals for students. 
  • Illness: Let’s not spread germs! Sick students can order a meal to be picked up and delivered to them by a designated friend. 

To find out about additional accommodations, please reach out to Dining Services at