Hoben Hall

K is a close-knit college that prides itself on how well our students, faculty and staff know and care for one another. These bonds are strengthened by being a residential campus that learns, grows and lives in community. 

As a residential college, over 60% of the students live on campus and the majority of off-campus students reside within just four blocks. Until the completion of their sophomore year, students are required to live in one of our six residential halls or one of the College’s living-learning houses.    

To help make college living an enjoyable experience for all students, K strives to make positive and inclusive housing arrangements that meet students’ needs, including those of LGBTQ and disabled communities. 

Finding a Roommate

Are you tidy or messy? A morning person or a night owl? Do you want your dorm to be a fortress of solitude or a gathering space for friends?  Finding a roommate your first year can be intimidating, but K aims to partner students of similar lifestyles and interests together as seamlessly as possible. 

While some students may come to K with friends from back home with whom they want to live with, most students go into the roommate process blind, open to making new friends. Regardless of if they have a roommate in mind, all students are asked to fill out a housing survey that assesses their college living preferences and hobbies.

Students who want to room together will be allowed to request each other in their housing form, and so long as the pairing is mutual and it is not in violation of K’s Policy of Nondiscrimination, the request will be respected. 

Remaining students will be paired based on the results of their housing surveys, so that you and your future roommate will be on the same page about the important things like sleep schedules and cleanliness. 

Policy of Nondiscrimination

In keeping with the College’s policy of non-discrimination, housing assignments are made without regard to race, color, religion, sexual orientation, nationality or ethnicity, age, handicap or other factors irrelevant to participation in programs of the College. Student preferences for type of housing and choice of roommate may be honored, provided this will not result in discrimination in violation of Title IX of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Kalamazoo College’s Section 504 Coordinator and the Office of Disability Services will work with students who have special needs when completing housing assignments. The College will provide accessible housing to students with disabilities. Contact the College’s Section 504 Coordinator or the Office of Disability Services at 269.337.7210.

Housing Options

For the two-plus years students live on campus, they have a variety of housing options to choose from: dorms, suites, and houses. First-year students reside in first-year residence halls, which are dorm-based buildings where the focus is on transitioning to college living and making connections. After their first year, students may choose from any of the three housing options. 

Regardless of room type, all campus residential halls come equipped with internet, kitchens, lounges, and laundry machines and each bedroom comes with a bed, desk, chair, bookshelf, dresser, and windows. Depending on the room and building, furniture is either reconfigurable or built-in.    


First-year students live in one of our many residential halls with dorm-style accommodations, choosing from single, double, triple or quad rooms. 

Depending on the building and floor, students will either share a private bathroom with their neighbors or a larger single-gender community restroom. 

First-Year Dorm Residence Halls: 

  • Trowbridge Hall 
  • Hoben Hall 
  • Harmon Hall 

Sophomore+ Dorm Residence Halls:

  • DeWaters Hall 
  • Harmon Hall


Starting sophomore year, students can select to live in suites instead of dorms. Suites are several single and double dorms—fitting five to seven students—connected together by a private bathroom and lounge, furnished with a coffee table, end tables, chairs, and a couch.  

Students self-select the people they want to share their suite with, which can be co-ed.  

Sophomore+ Residence Halls with suites: 

  • Crissey Hall
  • Severn Hall
The outside of Severn Hall

Living-Learning Houses

For students of sophomore status or higher who are looking for a more independent living arrangement, the College has several Living-Learning Houses on campus.

These houses come equipped with a full kitchen and furnished living room in addition to the furnished single, double and triple bedrooms.

Students are encouraged to apply in groups of seven to fill the house and are required to reside in the house for the entire academic year. 

living learning house

Resident Assistants

Each residence hall is staffed by Resident Assistants (RAs), student workers who live in the buildings they serve. An RA’s job is to create a safe and inclusive living space for all students and help them acclimate to living away from home: establishing roommate ground rules, resolving potential conflicts, and hosting events for residents. To further protect our students, resident assistants are trained to respond to any emergency events that may arise within the halls. 

An RA speaking with a resident on move in day