Critical Ethnic Studies

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Critical Ethnic Studies interrogates the production of knowledge. CES Majors are required to theorize from multiple, and simultaneous, narratives of silenced peoples and epistemologies. Critical Ethnic Studies untangles and analyzes colonial and racial projects that attempt to govern the relationship between people and land.

Critical Ethnic Studies is an interdisciplinary field and process of engagement. The field seeks to change the logic governing the academy, and does not accept an uncomplicated grafting of content onto a universal idea. This change is realized through the relentless pursuit of multiple means of engagement. These processes invert, rethink, and displace universalities. Central to the field is a refusal to consume the other. Critical Ethnic Studies requires that scholars go beyond themselves, and devise conversations that move beyond voyeurism and consumption.


Cyndy Garcia-Weyandt, Critical Ethnic Studies Endowed Assistant Professor. BA, MA, PhD University of California, Los Angeles

Amelia Katanski (Co-chair), Professor of English. BA Kalamazoo College MA University of California-Los Angeles MA, PhD Tufts University

Shanna Salinas (Co-chair), Professor of English. BA University of California, Los Angeles MA, PhD University of California, Santa Barbara


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