Program Information

The mission of our department and curriculum is to educate students in the field of biology and foster a community of learning and practice. Our approaches are embedded in the context of a Kalamazoo College liberal arts education. Through our courses, research collaborations, advising, and departmental experiences, we help all students find their place in science and develop a biologist’s keen awareness of the natural world. Specifically, our goal is that all students who participate in Biology will:

  1. feel curious about the natural world and empathetic toward our shared environment;
  2. know what has been discovered about the natural world, the process by which such knowledge is gained, and how to evaluate competing claims;
  3. identify as new members of an interdependent community whose goal is to address socially relevant problems and questions; and
  4. continually apply/practice newfound knowledge and skills via career exploration, problem solving, research, communication, and teamwork.


Anne Engh, Director of Biology Labs and Assistant Professor of Biology. BS, Iowa State University PhD, Michigan State University

Ann Fraser (Chair), Professor of Biology. BSc Acadia University, Nova Scotia PhD Harvard University

Binney Girdler, Professor of Biology. BA University of Virginia MES Yale University PhD Princeton University

Jim Langeland, Upjohn Professor of Life Sciences. BA Kalamazoo College PhD University of Wisconsin

Blaine Moore, Professor of Biology. BS University of North Florida PhD University of Florida

Kyle Morrison, Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology and Head Coach of Cross Country. BA Hope College PhD Michigan State University

Isabel Pena y Valenzuela, Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology. BS, PhD University of La Laguna, Spain

Santiago Salinas, Associate Professor of Biology. BA College of the Atlantic PhD Stony Brook University

Vijayan Sundararaj, Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology. BSc Gujarat University MsC Ben-Gurion University PhD Lakehead University

Amanda Wollenberg, Associate Professor of Biology . BA St. Olaf College PhD University of Wisconsin, Madison

Michael Wollenberg, Associate Professor of Biology. BA Swarthmore College PhD University of Wisconsin


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