IDSY195Writing Center Pedagogy & PraxisThis course is designed to familiarize prospective Peer Writing Consultants with the basics of writing center pedagogy and to help them build a "toolbox" of consultation strategies that will allow them to effectively assess and address the varied and individual learning needs of writers.Prerequisite: Instructor Permission Only
IDSY/PHYS215Introduction to Complex SystemsStudy of how collective behavior emerges from the interaction between a system's parts and its environment. Model systems from the natural sciences and social sciences will be used as examples. Both historical and contemporary approaches will be discussed.
IDSY215IIS: Intro to Complex Systems
IDSY/MATH305/PHYS 482Dynamic Models in Social ScienceThe study of why mathematical and computational methods are important in understanding social phenomena, and how different social phenomena can be described by proper mathematical models. Specifically, applications of the theory of dynamical systems will be presented. Designed for math/science and social science students. Either MATH/PHYS 270 or this course, but not both, may be counted towards the major in mathematics.
IDSY/JAPN/SEMN495Thinking About Nature: East and WestThis course is designed to be the senior seminar for the East Asian Studies major and also a Senior seminar course for other seniors. We will look at how the West (mostly the US) and Asian cultures have thought about nature and the human-nature relationship. Prerequisite: Seniors Only