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Film and Media Studies


Requirements for the Concentration in Media Studies

Number of Units
Six are required.

Required Course
ENGL 153 RTW: Classical Hollywood (offered twice yearly, cap of 25)
Five additional courses from any of the categories below. At least two of the five courses must have film as their primary focus. The courses with a film focus have been marked with an asterisk.

ARTX 215 History of Photography
ARTX 224 Art Since 1945
ARTX 227 Modern Art Museum
ARTX 290 Art and Gender
ARTX 430 Ways of Seeing
* ENGL 260 Studies in Film (various topics, year by year)
* ENGL 434 Advanced Film Theory
MUSC 100 Program Music: Stories in Sound
MUSC 155 Western Art Music after 1750
* PHIL 109 Existentialism and Film
PHIL 214 Philosophy of Art
PHIL 208 19th Century Philosophy
PHIL 311 Postmodern Critical Theory
THEA 270 Theatre of Illusionism

ARTX 110 Digital Art
ARTX 115 Digital Photography
*ARTX 200 TV Studio Production (1/4 credit)
ARTX 214 Framing Differences
ARTX 230 Analog Photography
*ARTX 250 Introduction to Documentary Video Production
*ARTX 295 Production and Post-production
*ARTX 301 Advanced Documentary Video Production
ENGL 207 Arts Journalism
MUSC 105 Introduction to Music
THEA 120 Fundamentals of Acting
THEA 210 Lighting Design
THEA 225 Developing a Character
THEA 255 Playwrighting
THEA 380 Directing I with Lab
THEA 420 Advanced Acting with Lab
THEA 480 Advanced Directing

 International Media
ARTX 215 A History of Photography
* CHIN 245 Chinese Film and Culture (taught in English)
ENGL 264 Global Shakespeares
FREN 435 Space and Identity in French Cinema (taught in French)
GERM 200 Myth of a Nation: German Film
* ENGL 260 Studies in Film (only when the topic is African Cinemas or Bollywood)
* GERM 135 Weimar German Cinema (taught in English)
* GERM 420 Introduction to German Cinema (taught in German)
* GERM 421 Classic German Cinema (taught in German)
* GERM 423 Topics In German Cinema
* HIST/RELG/SEMN 268 Jews on Film
* JAPN 240 Japanese Culture through Film (taught In English)
* JAPN 250 Magna/Anime in Modern Japan
* SPAN 401 Topics In Hispanic Culture (when the topic Is film)
SPAN 445 Visual Practices in Latin America