Media Studies


Requirements for the Concentration in Media Studies

Number of Units
Six are required.

Required Courses
ENGL 153 RTW: Global Cinemas (offered twice yearly, cap of 25) or ENGL 108 Global Media and Visual Culture
Five additional courses, with at least one from each category (ENGL 153 or ENGL 108 will count EITHER toward the required course OR the History/Theory/Criticism category):

ARTX 215 History of Photography
ARTX/SEMN 214 Framing Differences
ARTX 224 Art Since 1945
ENGL 108 Global Media and Visual Culture
ENGL 153 RTW: Global Cinemas
ENGL 260 Studies in Film (various topics, year by year)
ENGL 436 Literary Theory
MUSC 335 Western Music in 20th Century
PHIL 109 Existentialism and Film
SPAN 401 Topics in Hispanic Culture (when the topic is film)
THEA 270 Theatre of Illusionism: Western Theatre History from the Renaissance to Early Film
*Possible other media-based courses, as they are added to the curriculum

ARTX 101 Introduction to Documentary Video Production
ARTX 110 Digital Art
ARTX 116/216/316 Photography I, II, or III
ARTX 200 TV Studio Production (1/4 credit)
ARTX 201 Advanced Documentary Video Production
ARTX 214 Framing Differences
ARTX 330 Alternative Photographic Processes
ENGL 105 Journalism I
ENGL 207 Arts Journalism
THEA 120 Fundamentals of Acting
THEA 210 Stage Lighting
THEA 255 Playwrighting
THEA 380 Directing
*Possible other media-based courses, as they are added to the curriculum

International Media
ARTX 215 A History of Photography
ARTX 145 Introduction to World Art
CHIN 245 Chinese Film and Culture (taught in English)
ENGL 208 Food and Travel Writing
ENGL 264 Global Shakespeares
GERM 135 Weimar German Cinema (taught in English)
GERM 420 Introduction to German Cinema (taught in German)
GERM 421 Classic German Cinema (taught in German)
GERM 423 Topics In German Cinema
PHIL 307 Contemporary Continental Philosophy: Zizek & Film
PHIL 310 Critical Social Theory or PHIL 311 Postmodern Critical Theory
JAPN 240 Japanese Culture through Film (taught In English)
JAPN 250 Magna/Anime and Gender in Modern Japan
MUSC 148 Music of World Cultures
SPAN 401 Topics In Hispanic Culture (when the topic Is film)
THEA 265 First Theatres
THEA 275 Theatre in the Age of Print
THEA 280 Theatre of Revolt: Modernism and Postmodernism in Western Theatre

One of two possible core courses of the concentration, Global Media and Visual Culture (ENGL 108) provides historical background information about the origins of popular culture, questions current media trends, and introduces students to methods of critique. The other possible core course RTW: Global Cinemas (ENGL 153) is central because it teaches students to read visual and aural language, to see how beliefs and values (ideology) are implicated in aesthetic decisions, and to realize that Hollywood has given us a way of seeing that is merely one way among many other possibilities.

The remaining five units of the Concentration must be chosen from three categories, with at least one course in each category. Category 1— History/Theory/Criticism—promotes critical analysis of the consumption of media products. Category 2—Applied—teaches students to produce their own media products, and Category 3 considers media in global context. The Concentration is designed to emphasize the importance of both the consumption and production aspects of Media Studies, while allowing individual students to cater the program to their own needs and interests.
*It is likely that media-based courses will be added to the curriculum. These courses, when approved by the director in consultation with the instructor, will be added to the appropriate category.