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Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Program Information

Professors: Furge, Langeland, Moore, Stevens-Truss

A major focus of modern scientific inquiry is uncovering the physical and chemical mechanisms underlying biological systems. Therefore, an interdisciplinary concentration in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology is offered for students interested in advanced study at the interface between biology and chemistry. Courses include a selection from the physical and biological sciences; most are laboratory based and make use of sophisticated, cutting-edge instrumentation and techniques. Students interested in graduate studies of molecular-level phenomena are especially encouraged to consider this plan of study.

Biochemistry Program News

Hands-On HOPES

Portrait of Kalamazoo College Chemistry Professor Regina Stevens-Truss Regina Stevens-Truss, the Kurt D. Kaufman Associate Professor of Chemistry has written an [...]

K Students Will Benefit from Chemistry Grant Renewal

Professor of Chemistry Laura Furge has received a renewal of her National Institutes of Health [...]

The Magnificent Five

Majors Sandrine Zilikana ’12 and Mara Livezey ’13 and biology major Lindsey Gaston ’12  joined [...]

Biochemistry Beats Biceps

A beefcake pose doesn’t always a great male model make. Sometimes it takes a yeast two-hybrid [...]

Five “K” Students Compete in Poster Presentation for ASBMB

Kalamazoo College enjoyed a strong scientific presence at the Washington, D.C. meeting of the [...]