Women, Gender, and Sexuality


WGS101Introduction to Women, Gender, and SexualityThis course offers all students, including prospective concentrators in Women, Gender, and Sexuality, an introduction to the field, with attention to fundamental issues in Women's Studies. The course will identify the forms and sites of women's subordination, as well as women's collective responses to their conditions. In introducing the concept of structural inequality as it has affected women's lives, it will also explore the intersections of gender with race, sexual orientation, and class as significant factors in the construction of women's status.
WGS213/RELG 295/SEMN 295Christianity & the FamilyThis course critically addresses contemporary debates about the centrality of the family in Christian teaching through a historical and cross-cultural survey. What is the relationship between Christianity and the various approaches to kinship and family in different cultures in different historical contexts? Where did our contemporary ideas about the family come from and what are Christians saying about new forms of kinship? From the Bible to present day debates about divorce, sex, and same sex marriage, Christians have never embraced a single understanding of the family, but rather have been influenced by broader cultural shifts in how kinship is donePrerequisite: Sophomores Only
WGS/POLS265Feminist Political TheoriesIn this course, we will engage critically with a variety of feminist theories that have emerged as women have struggled for social and political change. First we will explore the history and development of feminist theories with a focus on the role of "experience" and the category "woman" in feminist theorizing, paying particular attention to the intersections of gender, race, class, and sexuality. Using various feminist theoretical approaches, we will then explore issues such as women's embodiment, reproductive freedom, sexual violence, women's agency, and the role of the state in advancing feminist goals.Prerequisite: Sophomore Standing
WGS298Independent Study
WGS390Feminist and Queer InquiryAn examination of the forces that have shaped or that are currently reshaping women, gender and sexuality studies. Focusing on the ways that recent work has drawn upon and challenged disciplinary forms of knowledge, the course aims to familiarize students with the current status of feminist and queer scholarship. The class encourages students to define their own critical interests and place themselves within this larger, scholarly conversation. Course will also prepare students for the SIP.Prerequisite: Junior Standing and Women, Gender & Sexuality Majors & Concentrators.
WGS490Seminar in Women, Gender & SexualityA study of a particular aspect of feminist theory, history, or practice. Emphasis upon the theory and methodology of Women, Gender, and Sexuality, collaborative learning, and alternate source material. Topics vary annually.Prerequisite: Senior Majors & Concentrators Only
WGS593Senior Individualized ProjectEach program or department sets its own requirements for Senior Individualized Projects done in that department, including the range of acceptable projects, the required background of students doing projects, the format of the SIP, and the expected scope and depth of projects. See the Kalamazoo Curriculum Details and Policies section of the Academic Catalog for more details.Prerequisite: Permission of department and SIP supervisor required.