Women, Gender, and Sexuality

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A Distinguished Dozen

Class of 2017 Agents The class of 2017 has its agents, a dozen as distinguished as they are diverse. Alivia DuQuet, [...]

Pro Voice: “You are not in her shoes.”

Throughout Winter Quarter 2016, students in the Kalamazoo College “Feminist Psychology [...]

Program Information

Professors: Anderson, Bangura, Berthel, Boatwright, Boyer Lewis, Einspahr, Elman, Fong (Director), Garriga-Lopez, Hahn, Haus, Heinritz, Manwell, Petrey, Smith, Stefatos, Sugimori

The major and concentration in Women, Gender, and Sexuality offers an interdisciplinary approach designed for students wishing to pursue these interests systematically in their academic programs. The concentration is strongly recommended for those considering graduate work in women's, gender, and/or sexuality studies, but is intended to enrich the liberal arts experience of any student through concerted study of a significant dimensions of human experience. The program aims to include the widest possible spectrum of issues affecting women and GLBTQ individuals. Students are encouraged to select courses that will acquaint them with a variety of perspectives. Those considering the major or concentration are encouraged to consult with the director as early as possible in order to make the most of the opportunities available.