“I love all aspects of teaching and learning, but my favorite moments happen in the classroom, as we unfold an idea together, layer by layer. There are moments that I like to call 'lift'-when an idea is so captivating that we are all transported, all of one mind for a moment. The sensation of being suspended by an idea together is absolutely magical! A love of learning adds such a rich dimension to life, because it makes every day full of curiosity, wonder, and discovery. More than anything else, this is what I hope each student will find at K.” - Siu-Lan Tan, Associate Professor of Psychology

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Professors: Batsell (Chair), Boatwright, Érdi, Fletcher, Gregg, Hostetter, Langeland, Liu, Perry, Tan

Psychology, broadly defined, is the study of animal and human behavior as well as human experience. The discipline involves the use of scientific methods in the discovery of facts and confirmation of theory as well as applications to problems. The major, therefore, includes a focus on the understanding and use of research skills and techniques. Psychology is a diverse field with important connections to biology, education, philosophy, and sociology. Increasingly, psychologists may be found in business, industry, education, government, and medicine, as well as in the more traditional areas of research and mental health.

Given its diversity and connections to other disciplines, psychology is a reasonable choice of major for students who seek a broad liberal arts undergraduate education. Psychology is also a practical major for those who seek careers immediately after graduation in fields where interacting with other people is primary—management, criminal justice, or human services, for example.

Psychology majors may choose to pursue advanced degrees in three general directions: one, as scientists, leading to careers in higher education or research settings; two, as practitioners, leading to roles as clinicians, school psychologists, industrial psychologists, and health psychologists; and three, as professionals in other fields such as law, medicine, and business administration.

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