International and Area Studies


IAST290Sophomore SeminarThe sophomore seminar in international and area studies is intended to provide an opportunity for IAST majors to bring their skill in comparative study and their knowledge of a specific area of the globe together around a common theme. Students will compare the regional and area similarities and differences with regard to the topic of the seminar as well as develop increased expertise in their area of focus through exploration of the seminar topic's ramifications in that region. Upcoming topics -- Spring 2011: Human Rights Issues that Affect Children; Winter 2012: Capitalisms and Socialisms. Prerequisite: Sophomore IAST Majors Only
IAST490Senior SeminarConsideration of issues and problems affecting the global whole and the various geographical areas of the world through focusing on a broad topic or theme; emphasis on discussion of the topic and problems from a broadly interdisciplinary perspective. Specific topics will change from year to year. Possible topics: hunger, war, the environment, international relations, population and migration, human geography and ecology, race and class, religious fundamentalism, the literature of women, and the literature of war.Prerequisite: Senior IAST Majors Only