Economics and Business

Program Information

Professors: Apps, Gonzalez (President), Geremew, Hultberg, Hussen (Chair), MacMillan, Moffit, Stull


Mission Statement

Integrating Economics and Business, theory and practice, we develop creative, broad-minded problem-solvers and leaders.

The department's primary objective is to ensure that our students can apply economic and business principles to the world around them. To achieve this objective, the department introduces the students to economic and business problems, theories, and policies within the context of a liberal arts education. The department's courses fall into four broad categories: (1) economic theory at the introductory and intermediate levels, (2) quantitative tools and methods, (3) fundamental business principles, and (4) economic and business field courses. In addition to the department's course work, students also benefit from practical experience through internships, a senior individualized project, and a senior seminar. The math cognate courses are required to provide students with a strong foundation in contemporary business and economic decision-making processes that are increasingly based on marginal analysis, optimization, and descriptive and inferential statistical analysis. The department encourages additional mathematics and statistics courses for all our majors, especially for majors who wish to pursue graduate degrees.

The department offers two distinct majors: a major in economics and a major in business, both of which require a total of ten units for completion. A student cannot major in both economics and business.

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