How to Give Securities

Transferring appreciated publicly traded securities to Kalamazoo College allows you to avoid capital gains taxes and receive a tax deduction for your gift. Your gift will be valued by using the mean of the high and low of the stock on the day that it passes to the College’s control.

Before a transfer of stock is made, please notify us of the following information by email or by calling Tim Baker 269.337.5729 so we can monitor our account for the expected transfer:

Your Name
Name of Stock
Number of Shares
Expected Date of Transfer
Gift Designation
Broker Name
Broker Phone Number

The DTC instructions for Kalamazoo College for transfer of stock to our broker, Oppenheimer & Co. are as follows:

DTC# 0571
Oppenheimer & Co.
Account # A27-4913001
Account Name: Kalamazoo College
Contact: Julie Vaughn
Phone: 269.381.4800
Kalamazoo College Federal Tax ID #38-1358014
Reference: (name of donor)

To transfer mutual fund shares to the College, please contact us in advance with the mutual fund name. Certain mutual funds are not transferable to our Oppenheimer account and we may need to make special accommodations for your gift.

If you have any questions or would like to make an alternate type of stock gift please contact Tim Baker, Director of Advancement Services, at or 269.337.5729.