Grateful for K Day

Students dressed in orange Grateful for K Day t-shirts write thank-you notes to Kalamazoo College donors.
Students express their gratitude for Kalamazoo College donors by writing thank-you notes.

Fourth Week Tuesday
October 5, 2021
10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Weimer K. Hicks Student Center

Grateful for K Day is a gratitude event that seeks to inspire students to express their appreciation for alumni, parents, faculty, staff and friends who generously support Kalamazoo College each year. The event also educates students about the impact philanthropy has on their student experience and the College.

Students are encouraged to visit the Hicks Student Center on October 5 between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. to hand write thank-you cards to be mailed to Kalamazoo College donors. Faculty and staff are welcome to stop by and enjoy cookies and refreshments.

Ninety-eight percent of K students receive financial aid. Your gifts to the Kalamazoo College Fund support
need-based and/or merit aid. Philanthropy helps to ensure a rigorous Kalamazoo College liberal arts experience.
Thank you!

Sharing Gratitude

During 2019, students gathered in the Weimer K. Hicks Center to share their appreciation by writing 1,000 thank you notes to those who gave a gift to Kalamazoo College. Students learned about the vital role that philanthropy plays in their daily lives on campus and beyond. In-person Grateful for K Day celebrations were postponed throughout the global coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

Donors Share Why They are Grateful for K

To help celebrate Grateful for K Day or any day throughout the year, donors are encourage to share why they are grateful for Kalamazoo College and/or why they give to K. Submit your gratitude stories here.

″My experience at Kalamazoo College was life-changing. I learned so much in the classroom and so much from being an active member of the K community.”
Alexis Fiebernitz ′16

″I give because I want to do my part in ensuring that future generations of Kalamazoo College students have the same experience and opportunities I had. K faculty respected and embraced my quirks while challenging me intellectually. K staff gave me the chance to stretch my wings and build my skills. K students became my closest friends, supporting me through thick and thin and making me laugh for the past eighteen years.”
Carol Flanigan

″Study abroad has been by far my most transformative K experience. It taught me self-reliance, self-worth and enabled me to put to use the skills I’ve gained at K.”
Emily Finch

″I give because the way K practices liberal arts learning is more likely than other educational options to create citizens who ask questions and who question any answers that include violence and injustice.″
Jim VanSweden ′73