Stetson Society

Members of the Stetson Society guarantee the future health and excellence of the Kalamazoo College learning experience. For that reason, they are one of the College’s most valued groups. Named after the seventh president of Kalamazoo College, Herbert Lee Stetson (1912–1922), the Stetson Society recognizes those of the Kalamazoo College community—alumni, friends, faculty, and staff—who have generously made planned gift arrangements to support the College. Stetson Society members appear annually in the Kalamazoo College Donor Honor Roll either by name or anonymously and are often invited to attend special College events.

Making a bequest or other planned gift to support Kalamazoo College allows donors to create a legacy that will impact students after their lifetime. They establish endowed distinguished chairs for professors, and provide for the upkeep and improvement of our beautiful campus, including the initial construction of Welles and Mandelle Halls. Perhaps most significant of all, planned gifts have made a K education more affordable by providing significant scholarship support to our students.

Interested in learning more about becoming a member of the Stetson Society? Email for information about how you can be counted as a member.