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The Brighter Light Campaign. Kalamazoo College

“K is launching this comprehensive effort to create access and opportunity for our students, and transform our campus to support 21st century scholarship and leadership.”

President Jorge G. Gonzalez

Campaign Priorities

With your endowed and annual support, we can strengthen the impact of a K education


  • Scholarships and Financial Aid
  • K-Plan: Study Abroad, Student Research, Career Development


  • Faculty and Staff Recruitment and Retention
  • Interdisciplinary Scholarship and Research


  • Athletics
  • Campus Improvements

Campaign Progress

Thank you for your generous support!


Current Donors

Giving to the Endowment

Impact Stories

Kalamazoo College has been the light leading the way for inspired thinkers and determined leaders for nearly 200 years. Now is the time for those who have benefited from the excellence of a K education–and those who have witnessed its impact in the community and around the world–to sustain and enhance our endeavor to bring a brighter light to the world.

Brighter Opportunities

Fiona Holmes ’22 is thankful for financial support she received through the David E. Barclay Endowed Scholarship in History: “The wonderful history professors at K are brilliant teachers and serve as mentors and sources of inspiration for their students. This scholarship will help me afford my final year at K, and for that, I am incredibly grateful.”

Brighter Minds

The computer science program at K has experienced a greater than tenfold increase in the number of majors in the past 10 years. The Judith and William Bollinger Endowed Professorship in Computer Science will allow the department to expand its reach to majors and nonmajors alike, improving access and equity in this growing area of study.

Brighter Experiences

The new Kalamazoo College Natatorium serves the men’s and women’s swimming and diving teams, as well as the campus and local community. Made possible through the generosity of donors, the natatorium includes an NCAA competition-compliant pool with wet offices and classrooms, spectator viewing areas and locker rooms.

Be the Light

Join the Kalamazoo College alumni and friends who have ignited this campaign. Learn more about ways to give, join us at an event and share news about the campaign. Together, we can shine an ever-brighter light into the world, starting here, on our fair Arcadian hill.

Be the light. Lux esto.