Class Agents and Volunteer Opportunities

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Alumni who value their K experience are vital in promoting and advancing the College’s distinctive educational mission. You can help solidify K’s position as one of this country’s most exceptional liberal arts colleges by donating your time and effort to sustain K for the next generation of Hornets.

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Class Agents

One of the most crucial volunteer positions available to alumni is serving as a class agent, who helps keep their class connected to the College after graduation and promotes philanthropic opportunities to support the K student experience. Notably, class agents provide leadership for their class reunion and giving plans every five years. For these reasons, class agents are vital to the success and sustainability of the Kalamazoo College Fund.

Class Agent Responsibilities

Class agents represent the College, the Kalamazoo College Fund and fundraising initiatives to their alumni class. Accordingly, class agents have to be comfortable starting conversations with friends and classmates about financially supporting the College and sharing how their gifts to KCF contribute to K students. Working independently and as a part of the class agent team, you will be expected to:

  • Participate in a few meetings with Kalamazoo College Fund staff to receive training about campus resources, philanthropy and College Advancement. Collaborate with other senior class agents to help ensure philanthropy through financial support.
  • Maintain your personal giving to the College with an annual gift to the Kalamazoo College Fund. We encourage you to give to other interests in addition to a gift to the Kalamazoo College Fund.
  • Write a fundraising letter to your classmates on an annual basis.
  • Attend and encourage others to attend alumni events.
  • Assist in planning reunion events and reunion giving solicitations every five years.
  • Keep in touch with classmates and encourage them to keep their information updated in the K Alumni Directory so they can stay connected with the College, classmates and other K alumni.
  • Thank donor classmates for their generosity through hand-written notes, emails, social media, and/or phone calls/texts to extend gratitude and encourage annual giving.
  • Serve as an advocate for the Day of Gracious Giving and Kalamazoo College Fund appeals through social media and other outreach.
  • Keep classmates up to date on all things K.

How to become a class agent

Alumni, Should you be interested in becoming a Class Agent or have a question about the Class Agent program, please contact or Laurel Palmer, Director, Kalamazoo College Fund at 269.337.7282 or

Current seniors, fill out our senior class agent application form to apply!

Current Class Agents

To contact your class agent, please email with your class year in the subject line.

Class YearClass Agent
1952Tom Willson
1957Judy (Lindberg) Shoolery
1959Karen (Lake) De Vos
Class YearClass Agent
1961Mary (Hanson) Kerley
1962Sally (Lange) Padley
1963Bonnie (Bradford) Ramseyer
Don Schneider
1964David Clowers
1965Kay (Seaman) Lewis
1966John Honell
1967Nancy Southard Young
1969Lynne (Carlson) Sheaff
Class YearClass Agent
1970David Kessler
Lauren Orr
1971Steve Helm
1972Class agent volunteer opportunity, interested? Contact
1973Anne (Skjaerlund) Fege
1974Phil Kraushaar
1975Tala (Munther) Davidson
1976Rob Van Patten
Valorie (Vogel) Van Patten
1977Lee Morriss
1978Ann Dahmer
Kerry Geffert
1979Barb (Turner) DeRose
Chris DeRose
Class YearClass Agent
1980Class agent volunteer opportunity, interested? Contact
1981West Nelson
1982Dan McCarrel
1983Tom Farthing
1984Greg Schuetz
1985Judy Hehs
1986Bruce Kantor
1987Rick Howrey
1988Class agent volunteer opportunity, interested? Contact
1989Anastasia (Holland) Harnden
Class YearClass Agent
1990Brita (Muller) Boer
1991Steve Adams-Smith
Greg Herder
Jennifer Vince
1992Kirsten (Browne) Bradford
1993John Lawther
Brad O’Neill
1994Class agent volunteer opportunity, interested? Contact
1995Theresa Gutierrez
Ryan Kaltenbach
1996Melissa Stucki Stevens
1997Alexandra (Foley) Altman
Corey Schultz
1998Christina (Dudek) Anderson
1999Jennifer (Getting) Jameslyn
Andy Miller
Class YearClass Agent
2000Zachary Schroeck
2001Class agent volunteer opportunity, interested? Contact
2002Mitch Blink
Jason Wright
2003James Goodwin
2004Carolyn DeWitt
Brittany Edwards
2005Colin Baumgartner
Kate McCracken
2006Mary-Katherine Thompson Miller
2007Tom Beck
Rob Connor
Bristol Day
2008Class agent volunteer opportunity, interested? Contact
2009Kira (Dow) Castle
Steve Charon
Andy Girrell
Juli Scalf
Class YearClass Agent
2010Eric Aiken
Kevin Dugal
Brandon Luczak
Jessica Messerschmidt
Ajka Suljevic
Anne Weir Schechinger
2011Sarah Allexan
Evan Bontrager
Becky Dennis-Hulway
Alex Morgan
2012Dion Bullock
Meredith Loomis Quinlan
Milo Madole
Liz (Solan) Blanchette
2013Zari Haggenmiller Carpenter
Alex Rigney
2014Anna Asbury
Darrin Camilleri
Mark Ghafari
2015Jacob Gallimore
Marquise Griffin
Hannah (Maness) Hiscock
2016Tyler Armor
Alexis Fiebernitz
Pornkamol “Tutu” Huang
Dylan Polcyn
2017Emerson Brown
Eric De Witt
Bianca Delgado
Emily Finch
Emily Levy
Brooke Travis
2018Lexi Ambs
Guillermo Dominguez Garcia
Shelby Hopper
Travis Hunziker
Elyse Tuennerman
2019Joe Edwards
Emma Eisenbeis
Shivani Rana
Ashley Schiffer
Kyong So
Maya Srkalovic
Class YearClass Agent
2020Miranda Flores-Tirado
Jack Tagget
Andrew “Drew” Vasquez
2021Quentin Baur
Chandler Martin
Daniel Mota-Villegas
2022David Kent
Aaron Martinez
Samuel “Sam” Tagget
2023DaShawn Meeks
Alexis Petty
2024Class agent volunteer opportunity, interested? Contact

Additional Kalamazoo College Volunteer opportunities

To find ways to connect with the College and fellow alumni, check out the Office of Alumni Engagement’s website and their Alumni Bites, which outline ways for you to share your talents during your reunion year and beyond. You can additionally volunteer for the following: