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The Day of Gracious Giving is an annual one-day giving campaign in support of K’s Highest Priorities, Financial Aid and Faculty Resources. Gifts to the Kalamazoo College Fund provide students with the resources they need to develop critical thinking skills through a rigorous liberal arts education.

Since 1974, Kalamazoo College students have celebrated the Day of Gracious Living, a surprise reprieve from classes for one day during Spring term to live graciously. This tradition now has an additional meaning for K alumni as a day to give graciously.

While K students enjoy a class-free day, alumni and others are asked to make a gift in support of increasing accessibility to the College – and every element of the K-Plan – for exceptional students.

2022 Results: $448,353 raised in one day

On Friday, May 13, 2022, Kalamazoo College students celebrated a gracious class-free day while alumni, parents, faculty, staff and friends around the globe participated in the Day of Gracious Giving. 1,433 donors gave $448,353, not including the Challenge matches.

Anonymous alumni and friend donors matched gifts dollar for dollar up to $350,000. Additionally, advocates matched many of their classmates’ gifts. Thank you to all of our Day of Gracious Giving donors!

Your contribution on the Day of Gracious Giving makes it possible for Kalamazoo College to helps provide brighter opportunities for K students—preparing them to shine a brighter light into the world as alumni.

Currently 98 percent of K students receive need-based and/or merit aid. Your gift and advocacy during the Day of Gracious Giving provide access to a Kalamazoo College education which is an investment in the future of our community and the world.

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Celebrate #KGraciousGiving during the Day of Gracious Giving

Top Alumni Class Donors
Class of 1999 = 93 donors
Class of 1997 = 66 donors
Class of 1970 = 63 donors
Class of 1992 = 58 donors
Class of 1979 = 40 donors

Top Alumni Class Dollars
Class of 1992 = $28,605
Class of 1961 = $27,900
Class of 1993 = $22,353
Class of 1971 = $20,225
Class of 1966 = $17,825

The Day of Gracious Living is always a surprise. How will we hear about it?

K alumni, parents and friends will receive communication on the Day of Gracious Living inviting them to participate in the Day of Gracious Giving. Watch your email and visit Kalamazoo College’s social media accounts for announcements.

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Alumni advocates will also connect with their classmates throughout the day.

Don’t miss out on the Day of Gracious Giving. Verify whether we have your current email address by contacting

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