Students with Disabilities

Kalamazoo College complies with section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

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College Policy on Meeting the Needs of Students with Disabilities

Assistive Technologies

Kalamazoo College recognizes that qualified students who have diagnosed or identified learning, physical and emotional disabilities are entitled to the same benefits from the educational programs of the college. Kalamazoo College is committed to making every effort to providing reasonable accommodations, unless that imposes an undue hardship or burden.

The Associate Dean of Students and the student will work together to negotiate and ensure appropriate accommodations that will work for the student. Cost associated with diagnosis, evaluation, and testing is the responsibility of the student, except in cases of severe financial need demonstrated to, and upon recommendation of, the Associate Dean of Students. The office also makes assistance available to students experiencing short-term illness or physical injury.

Disabled students are responsible for certain actions that will assure the effectiveness of these accommodations, facilitate current academic success, and provide the foundation for success in post-graduate life. These responsibilities include initiating contact with appropriate staff to make arrangements for approved accommodations; carrying their part in implementing the accommodation; and initiating and continuing participation in activities that lessen the impact of the learning disability on academic performance.

We believe that teaching within a course can be modified to address particular disabilities by providing reasonable accommodations. In most cases, students, regardless of their disability, can successfully master the material of courses and meet graduation requirements.

Please direct questions to the Associate Dean of Students Office, (269) 337-7209.