Campus Safety

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College Policies

Kalamazoo College operates its own non-deputized campus safety program. Campus Safety personnel, under the direction of Tim Young, Director of Campus Safety, regularly patrol the campus 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Campus Safety will respond to all requests for service and attend to situations around the campus that affect the security of residents and visitors.

Partnership with Kalamazoo Public Safety

The campus safety department has established a close working relationship with the local public safety department. Campus Safety personnel have no arrest powers, but will request immediate response from the public safety department on crimes in progress, crimes against a person and medical emergencies. Campus Safety conducts most preliminary investigations on nonviolent type criminal offenses. Serious criminal offenses are forwarded to the local public safety department for further action. Campus Safety does not monitor off-campus housing or student organizations

Secure Facilities

Campus buildings are generally open during weekdays when the College is in session. Most buildings are closed at specified hours during the week and usually closed on the weekend. Campus Safety personnel make routine inspections of all College properties and assist in the closing of the buildings. Students, upon request, are required to show their student identification. Additionally, students found in a restricted or unauthorized area shall be in violation of College policy. Compromising the security of any campus facility or tampering in any fashion with security measures (including, but not limited to propping doors, damaging or subverting alarms, windows, doors, screens, tampering with phones, discharging fire extinguishers or using alarmed doors except in cases of an emergency, etc.) is strictly forbidden and subject to the entire range of disciplinary sanctions available under the judicial policies of the College.

Student Responsibility

The cooperation and involvement of students in a campus safety program is absolutely necessary. Students must assume responsibility for their personal safety and the security of their personal belongings. Each student is expected to take the necessary precautions to avoid being victimized. Each student will be held accountable for knowing, understanding and following the policies and regulations of the College as found online and the administrative policies as defined by specific offices of the College.

Violations of College Policy

Alleged violations of College policy will be resolved through the student conduct process.