College Singers Virtual Alumni Choir: K Alma Mater

We asked alumni to join us in singing our Alma Mater and to help us create a VIRTUAL Alumni Choir in May 2021! Thirty-eight alumni College Singers answered that call, and Professor Christopher J. Ludwa was able to take the individual recordings of those alumni, coming from all over the U.S., and create a beautiful rendition of our Alma Mater.

Without further ado, the Office of Alumni Engagement is proud to present the College Singers Alumni Virtual Choir…

Directed and Arranged by Professor Christopher J. Ludwa.
View the sheet music for the K College Alma Mater.

Did you know? The Alma Mater was written by Raymond Holden, Class of 1907, and the music by Willis Dunbar, Class of 1924. You may view a digital archive version of the Kalamazoo College Song Book through our Digital Archives.

A few facts about this recording of our Virtual Alumni Choir:

  • It took Professor Ludwa 40+ hours to create the final product.
  • Each alum recorded themselves with either audio or video on their phone and then sent the recording to him.
  • From there, he took each recording, divided them up by section, and then pasted each one into the software with the other singers.
  • Next, Professor Ludwa went into the recording, took the guide track that had been sent to all virtual choir participants, and then listened to each and every single submission to line all of them up in the recording, so they all matched up rhythmically.
  • Lastly, each track‚Äôs volume was set until the right blend between parts was achieved.

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Alumni Engagement at