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  • Distinguished Achievement Award honors those graduated from Kalamazoo College who have achieved distinction in their professional fields and have brought honor to our alma mater. Candidates shall have received awards or other recognition from their peers as evidence of distinguished achievement in their profession. National or international recognition indicating a continuing or enduring level of achievement is desirable.
  • Distinguished Service Award recognizes individuals who have made exceptional volunteer contributions to Kalamazoo College. Alumni and friends of the College are eligible to receive this award. Candidates shall have performed effectively in voluntary or elected leadership positions for the Alumni Association and/or College.
  • Weimer K. Hicks Award honors a current or retired employee of Kalamazoo College who has provided long-term support to the College programs or activities beyond the call of duty, or who has provided excellent service in the performance of his or her job, making a significant contribution to the College in ways that have advanced the goals of the Alumni Association. This award is typically given to an employee upon retirement or conclusion of a specific period of special service.
  • Athletic Hall of Fame honors those who have attained distinction at Kalamazoo College as athletes, coaches, or individuals closely associated with athletics. Inductees must have been students in good standing while at the College. Candidates who were students are first eligible 5 years after graduation or departure from the College for other reasons. Candidates who were coaches or associates in other capacities are first eligible 5 years after retirement or departure from the athletic program.
  • Emeriti Club Citation of Merit honors those who have demonstrated affection for the College by their loyalty and involvement in the activities and programs of Kalamazoo College. Criteria for the selection of citation recipients are as follows:
    • Length of time attended Kalamazoo College. All alumni of Kalamazoo College who matriculated in classes 50 or more years ago and attended six or more terms are eligible for nomination
    • Demonstration of affection for the College by loyalty, service, financial support and involvement in the activities and programs of Kalamazoo College
    • Outstanding professional experience
    • Civic, church, school and/or community service
  • Young Alumni Award is awarded to graduates of Kalamazoo College within 15 years of their graduation year, on the basis of outstanding achievement, personal growth in career or outstanding professional, civic, and cultural service in ways that positively reflect on Kalamazoo College

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