More After Four

People (and often their parents with, or for, them) choose to attend college for many reasons: among the most (often the most) prominent: a meaningful career. Yet that outcome is hardly automatic, says Tricia Zelaya-Leon, K’s former director of the Center for Career and Professional Development. CCPD helps each student (and alum) ensure that outcome happens for them. Exactly how is the subject of this informative lecture about recent happenings at and the exciting future of the CCPD. Mission, vision, priorities, innovations, and the many ways that the entire K community can (and must) involve itself Dr. Zelaya-Leon shares. One, among many, of the innovations is the “career studio” with its trained peer associates, which has already increased student interaction (both early and often) with the CCPD, particularly among students of color and first-generation students. Zelaya-Leon foresees the day when the CCPD is the preeminent source for career discernment, preparation, and talent development for all K students and alumni. That day may already be on the way.

K’s dedicated Career and Professional Development (CCPD) staff relies on the support of alumni to provide advice and/or resources for students conducting career development internships, senior individualized projects, and post-graduate job searches. Below are 5 ways that you can help K students!