Hornet Host Ideas

Event Ideas?
Want to do more in your city?

…but not sure what kind of event you would like to host? We can help!
Below are a few ideas from the Office of Alumni Engagement Team.

Virtually Build Your Hive
While the COVID-19 pandemic has limited our ability to connect in person, that should not stop you from connecting with fellow alumni virtually! From hosting a Hornet Happy Hour through Zoom to a virtual choir performance, we can take this opportunity to connect with alumni all over the globe. Please check out our virtual events and resources page on how you to virtually connect with your fellow Hornets. Get started today!

Regional Event Host
The Office of Alumni Engagement travels all over the United States to bring together Hornets in your city. We are looking for fresh, fun ideas for our future Regional Alumni Events. We are interested in anything including an architectural tour of your city, a speaking panel event featuring local alumni, a baseball game, or even a relaxed event in your home. These will be Kalamazoo College sponsored events that are spearheaded by you, and organized by the Office of Alumni Engagement. Regional events are open to alumni, parents of K students, professors, friends of K, and on certain occasions, President Jorge G. Gonzalez and Suzie (Martin) Gonzalez ’83 will attend. Please see our calendar of events to see if a Regional Event is coming to a city near you! If no location is listed, we are still looking for a venue or host.

If you are interested in hosting a Regional Event or have a venue idea, please fill out the Hornet Host Event Form and select Regional Event.

Hornet Happy Hour Host
We are always looking for new Hornet Happy Hour Hosts! There are many dedicated alumni hosting Hornet Happy Hours all over the country. Check to see if you have one in your city on our calendar of events page. Even if there is already a host in your city, we would love to have you co-host these quarterly alumni gatherings occurring the fourth Wednesday of January, April, July and October. For those living, visiting or relocating to these cities, this is an opportunity to meet and network with other Kalamazoo College alumni.

If you are interested in being a Hornet Happy Hour Host, please fill out the Hornet Host Event Form and select Hornet Happy Hour.

K Talks
Are you an expert in your field? Do you have a favorite K professor in your area? Do you have an educational opportunity you would like to share with fellow K alumni? We can help you promote and organize your event through our K Talk speaker series. We’ve had successful speaking engagements around the country and virtually featuring current professors, retired professors and alumni that highlight their passions and specialties.

If you are interested in hosting a K Talk, please fill out the Hornet Host Event Form and select K Talk.

Build Your Hive Dinner Party
We are excited to launch our Build Your Hive Dinner Parties. They are an excellent opportunity to come together with fellow K alumni in your area…with a twist! K alumni at your party MUST be a new connection to you. The Office of Alumni Engagement will help you connect with 8 alumni, professors, students and friends of K in your area that share a mutual passion for K.

  • What type of event is it? These events could be a formal dinner at your favorite restaurant or a meal in your home.
  • Pick a theme! Having a theme to your event is a great opportunity to create a relaxed setting for meeting your fellow alumni, students, professors, etc.

If you are interested in hosting a Build Your Hive Dinner Party, please fill out the Hornet Host Event Form and select Build Your Hive Dinner Party. View a past Build Your Hive Dinner Party held in Detroit.

K Restaurant Club
Do you have a new restaurant opening in town that you want to check out? Are you an aficionado of the finest pastas and want to share your knowledge? Is there a special dinner happening at your local brewery? Or maybe you have a friend who runs the hottest spot in town! Use your passion for food and love of K to form a K Restaurant Club in your city!

This is a great option to get together with your fellow alumni. It is easy to set-up and gives you the opportunity to host an event without having to create one from scratch. We will help you market the event and get the word out.

If you are interested in being a K Restaurant Club host, please fill out the Hornet Host Event Form and select K Restaurant Club. View a past K Restaurant Club event held in Washington D.C.

Alumni Outings, Excursions, Sporting Events, Potlucks, and More!
Are you passionate about kayaking? Do you have an interest in botany? Would you like to organize a group of volunteers to serve at your local food bank? We can support you as you plan an outing, excursion, potluck, or even a group gathering at a sporting event. Let us help you market your event to local K alumni in your area and create fun and new connections!

If you are interested in hosting an alumni outing, excursion, sporting event, or potluck, please fill out the Hornet Host Event Form and select Alumni Outing and Excursion, Sporting Event, or Potlucks/Picnics. View a past Alumni Outing held in Washington D.C.

Please contact the Office of Alumni Engagement at alumni@kzoo.edu with any questions about getting started.