Emeriti Club Scholarship Letters

Thank you

Scholarships are crucial to our ability to keep the doors of Kalamazoo College open to talented students regardless of their economic backgrounds. Thank you for the contributions you have made to the Emeriti Club Endowed Scholarship. Your philanthropy is making a real difference in the lives of this year’s recipients of the scholarship: Amelia D. – Grand Haven, MI, Clinton F. – Lansing, MI, Timothy R. ’19 – DuBois, PA, and Alaq Z. ’21 – Dearborn, MI.

Hear from Amelia D. ’19:

Dear President of the Emeriti Club,

I am writing to express how deeply grateful I am for your financial support. I am now entering my final year at K and wish I had even more time to enjoy all that K has offered me. My study abroad in Ecuador was absolutely phenomenal because we were able to see so much of the county and K actually put our money toward amazing trips to the Amazon, the Galapagos, and more. I am so grateful for the academic opportunities I have been granted as an English and History double major. In one of my journalism classes, a writer for NPR and a contributor to the Onion came to talk with us and it was extremely inspiring, as the latter was a K grad. In my history courses I feel as though I have been given opportunities to really digest the material through open and lively discussions with not only my peers, but my professors as well. Additionally, I have been able to combine my passions into a history/genealogy SIP about which I am so excited! Without your donations I would not have been able to attend K, so I truly have you to thank for a future I am honestly really looking forward to. Thank you so much for believing in me, as it has truly allowed and enabled me to start believing in myself too. From my whole heart, thank you.

Wishing you peace and intellectual fulfillment,
Amelia D.

Hear from Clinton F. ’21:

Dear President of the Emeriti Club,

Thank you so much for your generosity in choosing me to be a recipient of the Emeriti Club Scholarship. I play football at Kalamazoo College and this scholarship will allow me to continue my education without having to worry about some financial trouble with my busy schedule.

This scholarship will help me fulfill my tentative goal of working for a non profit organization after I graduate. It is with my immense gratitude that I am writing this letter to you and anyone else who was influential in the process of choosing me for this incredible honor.

Your generosity will be remembered throughout my time gaining knowledge and becoming a future graduate of Kalamazoo College. Go Hornets!

Clifton F.

Hear from Timothy R. ’19:

Dear President of the Emeriti Club,

This is my 3rd year receiving the Emeriti Club Scholarship, and I am so grateful for the continued support given to me. I had a busy, exciting junior year. I took extra classes again the first two semesters to keep open the option of a triple major of mathematics, computer science, and physics. One of my biggest challenges of this year was taking 3 semesters of German; although, the professor was very helpful and supportive all the way through. I also got to take 2 courses in my favorite physics field, quantum computing. Again, I was a Teaching Assistant and grader for intro computer science courses, and I will be continuing that this year.

This summer I had a computer science internship for a company called Vistracks located in Lisle, Illinois, working on a web portal. This web portal was coded in JavaScript using CanJS, and one of my main tasks was to work on converting it to ReactJS. Vistracks is a small company with about 10 workers in the office, and it offered a very different experience than the classroom. My Senior Individualized Project will either be based off of this internship, or it will be a ‘current state of’ report on quantum computing. I am looking forward to meeting with my SIP adviser get some guidance on the direction of my project. It looks like this upcoming year will also be a busy one, but I am excited to see where it brings me.

Thank you again for your support!
Timothy R.

Hear from Alaq Z. ’21:

Dear President of the Emeriti Club,

I am deeply honored to be one of the recipients of the Emeriti Club Scholarship. Your generous support has made an education at Kalamazoo College a reality.

As a first year at K, I have had the privilege to pursue academics and extracurriculars at this exceptional institution. I am hoping to study Political Science and International & Area Studies. I have also been fortunate to serve as a Student Representative on the Kalamazoo College Council of Student Representative (KCCSR), Vice President of Arabic Club, and a member of Muslim Student Association. I have also been able to connect to the local Kalamazoo community by working at Woodward Elementary School with my fellow K students. These experiences have made my college experience very rewarding thus far. None of this would be possible without your generous support.

Thank you to donors like yourself who have enabled students like me to pursue a world-class liberal arts education. I cannot express my gratitude enough.

Alaq Z.