Alumni Distinguished Themselves Nationally, Globally in Top Stories

Kalamazoo College alumni continued to distinguish themselves locally, nationally and around the world through personal accomplishments, professional achievements and efforts that will make a difference in the educations of K students for years to come. Here are their top 10 stories of the year as determined by your clicks at our website. In case you missed them, we also have our top 10 stories about students, and faculty and staff

10. Payne Fellowship Sets Up Alumna for Foreign Service Work 

Aramide Apo-Oyin ’22 will complete graduate school through a Payne Fellowship before working on the front lines of pressing global challenges such as poverty, hunger, injustice, disease, climate change, conflict and violent extremism with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). 

Aramide Apo-Oyin at Commencement for alumni stories
Aramide Apo-Oyin ’22

9. Ringing Endorsement Pushes Alumna Toward a Presidency 

Tina Stoecklin ’87 was elected president of one of the foremost change ringing organizations in the world, the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers, after her predecessor suggested that she consider running for the role. 

Change ringing President Tina Stoecklin with Scottish women in front of bell ropes for top alumni stories
Tina Stoecklin ’87, sixth from left, poses with other women at the end of a bell-training day. Stoecklin recently was named president of the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers.

8. Premier League Duties Thrill Sports Medicine Physician 

Kelly Estes ’05 worked for 10 days last summer as Fulham FC’s team physician after her employer, the Cleveland Clinic, won the bid to provide sports medicine services to the English Premier League during the soccer organization’s East Coast tour. 

Cleveland Clinic Sports Medicine Physician Kelly Estes Tending to a Premier League Athlete for top alumni stories
Kelly Estes ’05 (right) helps an injured soccer player during the Premier League’s 10-day East Coast tour.

7. Actor, Producer Return to Screen Their New Movie 

Quincy Isaiah ’17, a celebrated actor fresh off his role as Magic Johnson in an HBO series, and up-and-coming movie producer Adam Edery ’19 returned to campus in November, seeking a chance to change society’s views regarding marijuana incarceration policies through their film, Grassland

Alumni Quincy Isaiah and Adam Edery at the Festival Playhouse before screening Grassland
Quincy Isaiah ’17 (left) and Adam Edery ’19 returned to K to screen their independent film titled “Grassland.”

6. Restorative Justice Lessons Lead to Job Skills 

Steph Guyor ’22 was introduced to topics in restorative justice, a newer community-based practice that helps society do more than hold law breakers accountable in a criminal justice system, through a senior seminar at K. She now works as the restorative justice coordinator at Ministry with Community in Kalamazoo. 

Steph Guyor ’22 works as the restorative justice coordinator at Ministry with Community.

5. BIGGBY co-CEO Discusses Progressive Business Practices with Students 

Mike McFall ’93 knows a thing or two about leadership. After growing his coffee franchise from one to 370 locations across 13 states, he understands that people are the most critical ingredient to any successful enterprise, and he shared his hard-won wisdom with students. 

BIGGBY Coffee CEO Mike McFall
BIGGBY Coffee Co-Founder and Co-CEO Mike McFall ’93 visited students in November to discuss leadership and progressive practices in business and the workplace.

4. Humanitarian Promotes Social Justice Around the World 

If you need an antidote to the disappointment you may feel while watching world news, take heart that Sarah Fuhrman ’07 is doing what she can to stand up for international human rights and social justice through her work as the director of humanitarian policy at InterAction. The alliance of non-governmental organizations and partners in the U.S. mobilizes its members to serve the world’s most vulnerable citizens while making the world a more prosperous place. 

Sarah Fuhrman ’07 visits Roman ruins while performing humanitarian work in northern Jordan
Sarah Fuhrman ’07 visits the Roman ruins in northern Jordan.

3. In Black Philanthropy Month and Beyond, Alumnus Practices Love in Action 

Although he doesn’t think of himself as a philanthropist, Erran Briggs ’14 embodies the 2023 theme of Black Philanthropy Month, Love in Action, by mentoring and advising people such as high school students from his hometown of Muskegon, Michigan, who are applying to college; K students, particularly those who are considering a path like his, taking advantage of military scholarships to get to medical school; and younger medical residents, especially Black male residents. 

Portrait of Erran Briggs
Erran Briggs ’14 lives his philanthropy by mentoring and advising people in whose shoes he has been.

2. Late Professor’s Book Inspires Alum’s Tribeca Premier 

The 2023 Tribeca Film Festival included some K ties thanks to He Went That Way, a thriller co-produced by alumnus Hugh Broder ’77 and based off a chapter in a book, titled Luke Karamazov, by the late Professor Emeritus Conrad Hilberry. Zachary Quinto and Jacob Elordi star in the film. The book was inspired by real-life Kalamazoo-area serial killers Larry Lee Ranes and Danny Ranes, who were brothers, but didn’t participate in each other’s crimes. 

Hugh Broder with actors Zachary Quinto and Jacob Elordi await Tribeca Film Festival
Kalamazoo College alumnus Hugh Broder ’77 with Zachary Quinto (left) and Jacob Elordi.

1.  Record Number of Recent Alumni Named Fulbright Fellows 

A record number of 10 recent graduates, including six from the class of 2023, are overseas this year, serving the world as Fulbright fellows. Professor of English Amelia Katanski ’92 also is representing K through as a U.S. Scholar Program selectee in Australia. 

Natalie Call_fb
Natalie Call ’23