Campus Visit Opportunities Can Help You Decide on K

Choosing where you will spend the next four years of your life is a big decision, and a college campus visit is a great tool to help you decide. Talking to current students, eating in the cafeteria and attending a class can give you a sense of whether the college you’re exploring will be a good academic and social fit.

Prospective Students on a Campus Visit

Whether you’re just starting your search or you’re pretty sure Kalamazoo College will be your academic home, campus visit options such as individual visits, open houses and Visit the Zoo are beneficial.

“Our programs are designed to give prospective students a real feel for life as a student at Kalamazoo College,” says Admission Event Coordinator Sarah Matyczyn. “We want students to leave campus knowing whether or not K is the right fit for them.”

Whether you’re just starting your search or you’re pretty sure Kalamazoo College will be your academic home, the following campus visit options are available:

  • Individual visits are designed to fit a prospective student’s needs and schedule. A weekday campus visit provides the broadest number of activities and the best opportunities to learn about K. A class visit is an option along with an info session and campus tour. Saturday visits are available, but activities are limited because classes won’t be in session. When you arrive on campus, you will even find a designated parking spot waiting for you. No parallel parking required.
  • Open houses are designed with a broader audience in mind. There are student-led panel discussions, guided campus tours and other prospective students to talk with. Parents are encouraged to join their student to learn more about K. Open houses are held twice in the fall and twice in the spring. They are perfect for high school juniors or seniors who want more information on K.
  • The most in-depth campus visit option is the Visit the Zoo program, designed for admitted students and their families. This is a two-day event to help students make a final decision before the deposit deadline. Students may spend the night, talk with alumni and meet faculty members. Parents can sit in on a parent panel and ask questions about K. This is a fun and informative event for the whole family that covers topics such as financial aid. There are typically four Visit the Zoos in the winter and spring terms.

By choosing the campus visit option that fits your needs, you can leave confident about moving forward in the application process, whether you’re a junior choosing to apply or a senior making your deposit. Plan your campus visit today. You can sign up online or call the visit team to get started.

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