Collegiate Learning Assessment

The Collegiate Learning Assessment was administered to first-year students at Kalamazoo College during orientation in the fall of 2005, 2008 and 2012, and to seniors in the spring of 2006, 2009 and 2013. The performance of Kalamazoo College students (first-years and seniors) on the Collegiate Learning Assessment has remained consistently strong.

Results of the most recent CLA administration showed that seniors’ observed mean CLA scores are higher than expected (based on the model including all four-year colleges and universities–see Figure 1); according to the CLA, institutions whose data are above the line add more value than expected.

Figure 1. Observed CLA Scores vs. Expected CLA Scores

Collegiate Learning Assessment Scores Showing K Students Performing Above Expectations Compared with Peer Institutions

Additionally, Kalamazoo College Seniors’ scores were very high compared to scores of students from other schools in all categories (see Figure 2). Seniors’ overall mean score percentile rank was 96 percent, indicating that Kalamazoo College seniors scored higher than 96 percent of the seniors at other institutions.

Figure 2. Senior Scores

Bar graph shows K seniors scored higher than 96 percent of the seniors at other Collegiate Learning Assessment institutions