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Make a Difference

Engaged alumni help move Kalamazoo College from one level of excellence to another. Alumni who feel connected to K and value their college experience are vital in promoting K’s distinctive educational mission. You can advance K’s mission and solidify its position as one of this country’s exceptional liberal arts colleges in five key ways. You can make a difference!

1.  Identifying and Recruiting a Prospective Student

Recommend a single student or join the Alumni Admission Volunteer Program and represent your alma mater to prospective students. You are uniquely qualified to promote Kalamazoo College!

2.  Offering an Internship or Externship to a Student

The Center for Career and Professional Development relies on the support of alumni to provide advice and/or resources for students conducting career development internships, senior individualized projects, and post-graduate job searches. The College’s Discovery Externship Program offers alumni the unique opportunity to share their professional and home lives with current K students interested in similar career pursuits. Alumni may also support the career development of current students by referring internship opportunities in their workplaces.

3.  Mentoring a Student or Recent Graduate

K alumni can contribute to students’ career readiness by modeling career pathways, providing introductions, sharing opportunities in a specific field, or offering advice on résumés, application processes, or relocating. Mentoring happens informally at K, without a structured program, allowing flexibility and a wide range of ways to support K students.

4.  Serving as a Volunteer

Alumni volunteers are very important to sustaining the legacy of service that distinguishes K alumni. Alumni volunteers can serve in many capacities such as a class agent, reunion committee member, Alumni Association Executive Board Member or a Hornet Happy Hour host.

Class agents provide volunteer leadership to their class by staying connected to the College upon graduation and by sharing and promoting philanthropic opportunities for their classmates to support K. Class agents along with reunion committee members provide leadership for reunion planning and giving during anniversary years.

Alumni Association Executive Board Members are alumni leaders who serve in an advisory capacity regarding new programs at the College, helping to organize alumni events, assisting in admissions and development efforts, and administering the Association’s awards programs.

Hornet Happy Hour hosts represent the College by gathering fellow hornets and holding informal quarterly alumni gatherings in cities around the U.S. For those living, visiting or relocating to these cities, the host creates an opportunity to meet and network with other Kalamazoo College alumni.

5.  Making a Charitable Contribution to Kalamazoo College

Your financial contribution can make a profound difference in the lives of current and future Kalamazoo College students.

Thank you for supporting Kalamazoo College and helping us to do more in four years so students can do more in a lifetime!

Download the 5 points [PDF, 46.3 Kb] to print and share.

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