The Story Zoo


A menagerie of stories from K alumni, some heartfelt, some hilarious, all uniquely K.

An Arresting Exam

For David Kessler ’70, among the most important tests of K’s compassion was the administration’s courageous stand for a student’s second chance. It’s why he became a class agent.

Roommate Recruiters

Athletics was an indispensable K-Plan component for Judy Hehs ’85. Her more in four included three!…sports, that is, and that meant more for a lifetime.

Wise Fools

Karen (Lake) DeVos ’59 got to know President and Mrs. Hicks very well. She and three other sophomores were members of the Hicks household for a semester and may have prompted a predecessor of the Day of Gracious Living.

K-Tucky Derby

Churchhill Downs and mint juleps have nothing on Angell Field and Stroh’s beer. First Saturday in May K was the place to be in the ’80s. Elizabeth (Fiore) Vogel and Carolyn Dadabay (classmates, 1985) explain why.

10 Best for the Clueless

A quad “coat” in fall colors inspired a key decision for Pam Brown Gavin ’74. After four years the coat morphed to cape, and it’s never failed to warm.

French Influence to K: “Lighten up!”

Campused? Late minutes? Forty-five of the latter metes out the punishment of the former. But (first ever) study abroad in France meant change was in the wind. And Trowbridge head proctor Karen (Lake) DeVos ’59 was happy about that.

S.O.B.—Old Rules, New Prank

The Student Observation Bureau caused quite the ruckus during its short life. Class of 1985 friends Rachel Robinson and Carolyn Dadabay reveal its clandestine origins.

I Was Welcome

Meghan-Morrissey The power of a single informal invitation makes Kalamazoo College home and family. Meghan Morrissey ’06

Drama in Yugoslavia

John Petrakis John Petrakis ʼ74 chose one of those roads less traveled—study abroad (and acting) in Yugoslavia.

Giving Back

“Come on over and we’ll make eggs”—the kind of student-professor bond that inspires postgraduate service as a class agent. Brittany King-Pleas ʼ13