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Constant Traveller

Reshona Harris ’06 The K-Plan’s study abroad experience awakened the peripatetic spirit of Reshona Harris ’06. Her current tally: four continents visited, three to go.

The Spark in Me

David Clowers ’64 Class Agent David Clowers ’64 credits K for his liberal arts life: professor of English, attorney, poet, and creative writing teacher for a retirement community.

Lives Changed, Lives Saved

Bruce Benton ʼ64 A foreign study experience in France contributed, years later, to one of the largest and most successful health programs in Africa. Bruce Benton ʼ64

London Holiday

Amy (Vargo) Buttery ʼ82 When Christmas dinner prep was interrupted by a kidney stone, these K friends crashed a hospital party. Amy (Vargo) Buttery ʼ82 and Betty (Johnston) Rudolph ʼ82 share the story

When you see Rose Kennedy in the Market

David Easterbrook ʼ69 David Easterbrook ’69 weaves together his study abroad and Peace Corps experiences in this moving story about the delivery of a 20 year-old message from a Masai elder to the Kennedy family.

To Not Be American

Linda (Zalkauskas) Hahn ’82 A good measure of study abroad immersion occurred in a hitchhiking story shared by Linda (Zalkauskas) Hahn ’82.