How You Can Help

The following activities are all ways in which alumni can be involved in the admission process. You’ll notice that activities are grouped according to time commitment with Small Bites being the least time consuming to Large Bites being more time consuming.


Recommend a Future K Student

Ensure that a student you know is receiving information about applying to and visiting K. Simply submit this short recommendation form.

Alumni Educators Project

Do you work in a high school as a teacher, counselor, coach, or administrator? Did you know that you are a primary source of information for students engaged in the college search process? We would love to connect your students to K by sending you some K SWAG to display in your classroom, providing you with materials relevant to the admission process, and by connecting with you (AND your students) while we are on the road.


Congratulatory Note Cards

Despite living in the digital age, sometimes getting something as simple as a note in the mail is exactly what students want. We will send volunteers a stack of note cards and stamped envelopes in which they can write a very short note of congratulations to a list of admitted students. These small personal touches can make a big difference.

Alumni Connections

A simple call or email from an alum can make a big impression on a prospective student. Several times throughout the year we receive requests from prospective students interested in connecting with alums. We would love to be able to connect them with YOU so you are able to share your K experience!

Alumni Blog

Check out our Admission Blog! This blog is designed to engage prospective students with the K experience by sharing stories written mostly by current students (with a few written by the Admission staff about official admission business). We would love to feature a few blog posts written by alumni that showcase how your K experience prepared you for life after graduation. Email for more details.


Coffee with a K Grad

Developing personal relationships with students and their families is an integral part of the admission process at Kalamazoo College. Unfortunately, not all students and families are able to visit campus. Coffee with a K Grad provides an opportunity for prospective students to form a connection to the College without traveling to Kalamazoo.

Admitted Student (Yield) Events

Sit on an alumni panel at one of our admitted student celebrations either on or off campus. Admitted students and their families find it especially helpful to connect with alums to learn about the outcomes of a K education. If you would like to sit in on an alumni panel, or if you are interested in discussing the possibility of hosting a celebration, please email

College Fairs

Represent Kalamazoo College at a college fair hosted in your area. OR – join a member of the Admission staff at a college fair in your area. The time commitment is minimal — just a couple hours one evening! We’ll ship you a box of materials, and you just have to show up at the fair and share your K experience with prospective students.