Between the Lines: Nicolette Hahn Niman ’89 defends beef–but prefers not to eat it

Kalamazoo College alumna Nicolette Hahn Niman with a cow
Nicolette Hahn Niman ’89 has written a second book: Defending Beef: The Case for Sustainable Meat Production. Her first book was Righteous Porkchop: Finding a Life and Good Food Beyond Factory Farms.

Kalamazoo College alumna Nicolette Hahn Niman ’89 is an environmental lawyer, rancher, food activist, author, and vegetarian who has published Defending Beef: The Case for Sustainable Meat Production, published by Chelsea Green. It’s her second book.

Wait…a vegetarian who has written a book in defense of beef? Oh, yes!

Hahn Niman’s first book, Righteous Porkchop: Finding a Life and Good Food Beyond Factory Farms (William Morrow, 2009), took on big factory farms, charging them as major polluters and a detriment to global climate. That book also described how she met, married, and went into business with California cattle rancher Bill Niman.

In Beef, which she subtitles “The Manifesto of an Environmental Lawyer and Vegetarian Turned Cattle Rancher,” she addresses health issues, climate change, water supply, biodiversity, overgrazing, world hunger, the morality of eating meat, and more, the result of meticulous research and day-to-day life on an active livestock ranch.

Beef, Hahn Niman believes, can play an important role in ending world hunger and help restore a balanced climate.

Book cover of 'Defending Beef'Nicolette Hahn Niman earned B.A. degrees in biology and French at K before earning a aw degree (cum laude) from the University of Michigan.

She served two terms on the Kalamazoo City Commission, worked as an attorney for the National Wildlife Federation, and was senior attorney for Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Waterkeeper Alliance, an environmental organization where she was in charge of the organization’s campaign to reform the concentrated livestock and poultry industry.

Recently, Nicolette Hahn Niman was interviewed by Kalamazoo-based WMUK (FM 102.1) writer and book reviewer Zinta Aistars (a former K staffer!) on her program Between the Lines that airs every Tuesday at 7:50 a.m., 11:55 a.m., and 4:20 p.m. Listen to the interview and read more about Hahn Niman here:



Honors Day 2014

Congratulations to the following Kalamazoo College students, who received awards during the Honors Day Convocation, October 31, 2014, in Stetson Chapel. The awards include all academic divisions, prestigious scholarships, and special non-departmental awards. The Honors Day Convocation occurs annually, during the Friday community gathering of Family Weekend.


THE BRIAN GOUGEON PRIZE IN ART, awarded to a sophomore student who, during his or her first year, exhibited outstanding achievement and potential in art.
Chiara Sarter

Petra Stoppel
Anja Xheka
Jie Xu

THE LILLIAN PRINGLE BALDAUF PRIZE IN MUSIC, awarded to an outstanding music student.
Valentin Frank

THE FAN E. SHERWOOD MEMORIAL PRIZE, awarded for outstanding progress and ability on the violin, viola, cello or bass.
Siwook Hwang

THE MARGARET UPTON PRIZE IN MUSIC, awarded each year to a student designated by the Music Department Faculty as having made significant achievement in music.
Gabrielle Holme-Miller

Ian Williams

THE COOPER AWARD, for a junior or senior showing excellence in a piece of creative work in a theatre arts class: film, acting, design, stagecraft, puppetry, speech.
Kathryn Lee

Victoria Sebastian

THE THEATRE ARTS FIRST-YEAR STUDENT AWARD, given to a sophomore for outstanding departmental efforts during the first year.
Emma Franzel

Sarah Levett


THE LEGRAND COPLEY PRIZE IN FRENCH, awarded to the sophomore who, as a first-year student, demonstrated the greatest achievement in French.
Maribel Blas-Rangel

Ellie Goldman
Gabrielle Holme-Miller

THE HARDY FUCHS AWARD, given for excellence in first-year German.
Yicong Guo

THE MARGO LIGHT AWARD, given for excellence in second-or third-year German.
Emily Walsh

THE ROMANCE LANGUAGES DEPARTMENT PRIZE IN SPANISH, awarded for excellence in the first year in Spanish.
Shanice Buys

Olivia Weaver

THE CLARA H. BUCKLEY PRIZE FOR EXCELLENCE IN LATIN, awarded to an outstanding student of the language of the ancient Romans.
Danielle Gin

Alec Wright

THE PROVOST’S PRIZE IN CLASSICS, awarded to that student who writes the best essay on a classical subject.
Anup Bhullar

Marquis Griffin


THE O. M. ALLEN PRIZE IN ENGLISH, given for the best essay written by a member of the first-year class.
Sara McKinney

THE JOHN B. WICKSTROM PRIZE IN HISTORY, awarded for excellence in the first year’s work in history.
Shanice Buys

Frances Heldt

THE VOYNOVICH COMPETITIVE SCHOLARSHIP, awarded to a first-year, sophomore or junior who writes the most creative essay based on a selected topic in the alternating areas of religion and science.
Ayaka Abe

THE DEPARTMENT OF PHILOSOPHY PRIZE, awarded for excellence in any year’s work in philosophy.
Andres ElAmin-Martinez

Jenna Sexton
Sarah Werner

THE L.J. AND EVA (“GIBBIE”) HEMMES MEMORIAL PRIZE IN PHILOSOPHY, awarded to that sophomore who, in the first year, showed the greatest promise for continuing studies in philosophy
Jon Jerow

Caroline Peterson
James Reuter
John Wenger


THE WINIFRED PEAKE JONES PRIZE IN BIOLOGY, awarded for excellence in the first year’s work in biology.
Quinton Colwell

Kathleen George
Grace Smith
Eric Thornburg

THE DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY PRIZE, awarded for excellence in the first year’s work in chemistry.
Collin Steen

THE FIRST-YEAR CHEMISTRY AWARD, awarded to a sophomore student who, during the first year, demonstrated great achievement in chemistry.
Quinton Colwell

Emily Powers
Raoul Wadhwa

THE LEMUEL F. SMITH AWARD, given to a student majoring in chemistry pursuing the American Chemical Society approved curriculum and having at the end of the junior year the highest average standing in courses taken in chemistry, physics,and mathematics.
Daniel Karn

THE COMPUTER SCIENCE PRIZE, awarded for excellence in the first year’s work in computer science.
Liam Lundy

Griffin Smalley

THE FIRST-YEAR MATHEMATICS AWARD, given annually to the sophomore student who, during the first year, demonstrated the greatest achievement in mathematics.
Ngoc Truong

THE THOMAS O. WALTON PRIZE IN MATHEMATICS, awarded to a member of the junior class for excellence in the work of the first two years in mathematics.
Sarah Manski

THE COOPER PRIZE IN PHYSICS, given for excellence in the first year’s work in physics.
Nicholas Caywood

Daniel Moore
Katherine Pielemeier
Siyuan Zhang


THE DEPARTMENTAL PRIZE IN ANTHROPOLOGY AND SOCIOLOGY, awarded for excellence during the first and/or second year’s work.
Sheila Carter

Daniella Glymin
Audrey Negro
Eli Seitz
Yaneli Soriano

THE WILLIAM G. HOWARD MEMORIAL PRIZE, awarded for excellence in any year’s work in economics or business.
Philip Mulder

Emerson Talanda-Fisher
Scott Wharam

THE C. WALLACE LAWRENCE PRIZE IN ECONOMICS, awarded annually to a pre-business student who has done outstanding work in the Department of Economics and Business during the sophomore year.
Drew Hopper

William Cagney

THE IRENE AND S. KYLE MORRIS PRIZE, awarded for excellence in the first year’s courses in the Department of Economics and Business.
Robert Calco

THE WILLIAM G. HOWARD MEMORIAL PRIZE, awarded for excellence in any year’s work in political science.
Melissa Erikson

THE DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY FIRST-YEAR STUDENT PRIZE, awarded for excellence in the first year’s work in psychology.
Sarah Bragg

Rachel Lifton
Ashley Schmidt

THE MARSHALL HALLOCK BRENNER PRIZE, given by family and friends in memory of Marshall Hallock Brenner (class of 1955), to be awarded to an outstanding junior for excellence in the study of psychology.
Alexandra Groffsky


THE DIVISION OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION PRIZE, awarded to those students who, as first-year students, best combined leadership and scholarship in promoting athletics, physical education, and recreation.
Grace Smith

Andrew Kaylor

THE MAGGIE WARDLE PRIZE, awarded to that sophomore woman whose activities at the College reflect the values that Maggie Wardle demonstrated in her own life. The recipient will show a breadth of involvement in the College through her commitment to athletics and to the social sciences and/or community service.
Rachel Selina


THE GORDON BEAUMONT MEMORIAL AWARD, awarded to the deserving student who displays qualities of selflessness, humanitarian concern, and willingness to help others, as exemplified in the life of Gordon Beaumont.
Kacey Cook

Bronte Payne

THE HENRY AND INEZ BROWN PRIZE, awarded in recognition of outstanding participation in the College community.
David DeSimone

Tibin John

THE VIRGINIA HINKELMAN MEMORIAL AWARD, awarded to a deserving student who displays a deep concern for the well-being of children, as demonstrated through career goals in the field of child welfare.
Mele Makalo

Student Receives Young Women of Achievement Award from Kalamazoo YWCA

Breanna Dailey ’12 is among 26 recipients of a Young Women of Achievement award from the Kalamazoo YWCA. The awards are given to high school and college-aged women in the greater Kalamazoo area who have achieved high academic success while staying involved in extracurricular activities and contributing to the community.

Breanna is a double major in psychology and French who is also active in the Kalamazoo College band and serves on both the Senior Graduation and Student Activities committees. She is also active in AMIGOS, a bilingual mentoring program operated by the College’s Mary Jane Underwood Stryker Institute for Service Learning that pairs K students with students at Kalamazoo Central High School.