Students Create Cardboard Chapel

Cardboard Stetson Chapel

Students stand with their cardboard recreation of Stetson Chapel

Stetson Chapel received another life recently when K students erected a new and recyclable cardboard version of the building on the Quad, breaking a collegiate environmental record along the way.

Sustainability intern Scott Beal ’12 asked EnvOrg (Environmental Organization) to help him break the world’s record for the largest cardboard castle. The group considered several ideas for using boxes bound for recycling and decided to build a cardboard version of Stetson Chapel.

Construction day was April 27. With the assistance of Recycling Coordinator Rob Townsend, students built the Chapel replica on the quad using 760 boxes, which eclipsed Brigham Young University’s then-record 734-box castle.

Harvard University set the original record with a 566-box structure on their campus.