One Down, 29 to Go

Oxen at Kalamazoo CollegeThe oxen were onsite, which means work began on a new pavilion that will be part of Kalamazoo College’s Lillian Anderson Arboretum. Oxen? Yes, the animals were used to haul 30 logs of red pine harvested from the “Arb,” the lumber from which will be used as material for the pavilion. Both material and mode of transport are consistent with the sustainable character of the pavilion, which will use solar energy, self-composting toilets and a human-powered water pump. The facility will provide learning space for both science and humanities classes. An article on the Arb and its improvements this winter will appear in the Spring 2016 issue of LuxEsto. (Photos by Randy Schau). Watch a brief video (by Susan Andress).
Oxen Deliver Wood at Kalamazoo College