Happy Holidays from Kalamazoo College

Happy holidays and holiday greetings from Kalamazoo College
Happy holidays from Kalamazoo College!

Dear Friends,

As we celebrate 60 years of study abroad being a hallmark of Kalamazoo College’s experiential education, Suzie and I are reminded of our own international experiences during our college years and how they changed our lives.

Holiday Card 2018
Happy holidays from Kalamazoo College! Click on this image for our holiday video.

Now, as we travel around the country and the world meeting with K alumni, we hear how important their study abroad and study away experiences were to their growth as people. How immersing themselves in another culture made them open to different perspectives. How navigating unfamiliar environments made them empathetic. How tasting new foods made them willing to take risks. How overcoming language barriers made them more resourceful. We are also mindful that because K is a study abroad site, for our international students, those same life-changing experiences are happening right here on our fair Arcadian hill.

During this celebratory time, we are grateful to be part of K’s global family. Where ever you find yourself in the world this season, we wish you peace and joy.

Happy holidays,

Jorge G. Gonzalez and Suzie (Martin) Gonzalez ’83