Study Abroad

For more than 50 years, Kalamazoo College has been the gold standard in study abroad.

Our programs offer not so much an international “experience” as an international “immersion.” Most K students study abroad for six months on average, some longer. They integrate into the local culture and language, often as part of the daily lives of a host family.

Kalamazoo offers eligible students the opportunity to challenge their assumptions about themselves and other cultures in a rigorous experiential education environment. Seventy percent of Kalamazoo College students participate in study abroad programs of varying lengths, academic emphasis and locations. Kalamazoo College sends students to 42 programs in 24 countries on six continents.

When studying abroad, some K students delve deeply into the local culture through Integrative Cultural Research Projects. Students select an activity that is meaningful to them and the local community. At the end of the experience, students write a reflective essay about the significance of their projects.

Kalamazoo College Sponsored Study Abroad Programs

  • College personnel meet each group as it arrives abroad and visit frequently.
  • A Resident Director appointed by the College mentors students and represents the College.
  • Students live in homestays or housing is arranged by the program, typically in university dormitories.
  • Programs available in Ecuador, France, Germany, Kenya, Sénégal, Spain, Thailand, and Trinidad

Kalamazoo Partner Programs

  • K collaborates with domestic and international program partners in order to offer a wide variety of study abroad experiences.
  • Approved for the transfer of academic credit
  • No special process is required to apply academic credit earned on these programs to general graduation requirements.
  • Partner programs available in Australia, Botswana, Chile, China, Costa Rica,Denmark, Egypt, Greece, Hungary, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Scotland, UK England

Please visit the Center for International Programs for information about study abroad planning, application, policies, calendars and details about Kalamazoo College-sponsored and -approved programs available to our students. Some of these programs are also open to students from other institutions wishing to study abroad.