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Roommate Recruiters

Judy Hehs ’85 Athletics was an indispensable K-Plan component for Judy Hehs ’85. Her more in four included three!…sports, that is, and that meant more for a lifetime.

K-Tucky Derby

Carolyn Dadabay '85 Churchhill Downs and mint juleps have nothing on Angell Field and Stroh’s beer. First Saturday in May K was the place to be in the ’80s. Elizabeth (Fiore) Vogel and Carolyn Dadabay (classmates, 1985) explain why.

S.O.B.—Old Rules, New Prank

Rachel Robinson '85 The Student Observation Bureau caused quite the ruckus during its short life. Class of 1985 friends Rachel Robinson and Carolyn Dadabay reveal its clandestine origins.